Chapter 797: Inquiry
     Chapter 797: Inquiry

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    Ancestor Devil and Heaven Weeping Sect Master were not even moving. They could not hear anything at all. One could see Ancestor Bone lowering his posture towards Luo City Lord. They knew that the power of Luo City Lord was much higher than Ancestor Bone and even stronger than Forefather Tian Yu of the Voidwalker Primogenitor.

    It was just that they were both final realm existences, and he could keep his life even if he could not defeat the other party. So why the need to be so careful?

    The two could at least see what was happening. Xue Ying and Luo Hai only felt that time had stopped entirely.


    Ancestor Bone stood up from his white bone throne. He tried his best to squeeze a smile out: "Haha, Luo City Lord, such a coincidence. Who would have thought that I will meet Luo City Lord at such a desolate place? What exactly is it that attracted Luo City Lord over? Is it Ancestor Devil? Is it the two brats? It can't be that you are observing me and Heaven Weeping right?"

    "I am asking you to give me an explanation for this!" Luo City Lord looked at him.

    Ancestor Bone's expression became uglier.

    "That time I allowed to let you enter the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World and receive protection from the sacred world was based on your agreement to the conditions." Luo City Lord continued, "If not for Yuan requesting me for help, how could you even enter the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World? Right now, you have entered the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World, yet you aren't abiding by the rules which I set?"

    "Luo City Lord." Ancestor Bone continued, "Firstly, I did not violate your rules. These 200 over primal chaos lands are occupied by the void creatures, devouring them, killing them, and inciting terror and hatred¡­ They are totally unrelated to me! You can even use time-space to investigate that this is something I truly do not know of. It is a matter which Heaven Weeping Sect Master personally did."

    "Secondly, Heaven Weeping Sect Master might have done such matters, but these primal chaos lands are amidst the primal chaos void and isn't located within the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World! You can forbid others from violently massacring within the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World, but in other sacred worlds and even the primal chaos void it is too difficult for you to ban."

    Luo City Lord looked at Ancestor Bone and said indifferently, "Alright. I admit that you do not know of what happened, but previously when Heaven Weeping Sect Master asked you for help, the moment your incarnation descends, you should know of this matter already right?"

    "But since you became aware of it, you haven't done anything about it, but rather, you are aiding Heaven Weeping?" Luo City Lord's eyes were cold, "Since you are getting protection from within the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World, you should be more obedient and forget about those wicked actions you had done in the past."

    Ancestor Bone felt slightly awkward.

    Even Cosmos Gods were not absolutely safe.

    The Voidwalker Gu Qi was once chased for many days, and even the 'Void Primogenitor' could not protect him at all! One had to know that the origin of everything, the Ancient Sacred World, had become big enough, yet it remained just a hundredth of what it was in its original state."

    That Ancient Sacred World was so stable and had such powerful laws, yet it was still eventually broken into pieces!

    The primogenitor of the laws and profound mysteries system had long died.

    Like Ancestor Bone who propped the bottom amongst Cosmos Gods, he had once riled a huge enemy, and for him to receive protection in the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World was really his good fortune.

    "I only knew of it." Ancestor Bone said directly.

    He felt slightly indignant.

    Heaven Weeping Sect Master was truly a fool. Since his subordinates could not kill these two brats, why was there a need for him to appear personally? Why not let those two brats escape! Yet Heaven Weeping Sect Master wanted to personally act, and it was okay if he could resolve the matter. But he had offended Ancestor Devil from the Great Void Heaven Temple!

    Letting Ancestor Devil leave, yet Ancestor Devil did not wish to! Eventually, Heaven Weeping Sect Master had to ask Ancestor Bone for help. Since Ancestor Bone cultivated in closed-door within the primal chaos void just outside the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World, it was not too far away from this location. That was also why Heaven Weeping Sect Master chose this region.

    Ancestor Bone was someone who placed great importance upon his subordinates, and also thought he would get lucky, feeling that it was impossible for Luo City Lord to know what happened here. As long as Ancestor Bone covered all traces of what occurred here, then nobody would be able to validate the scene.


    Luo City Lord actually appeared just like this!

    With how vast the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World was, why would Luo City Lord appear so coincidentally right here after a short period?

    "I've just known of it recently and did not think too much about it. I only naturally protected my subordinate." Ancestor Bone said.

    "How do you think we should resolve this?" Luo City Lord looked at him.

    Ancestor Bone looked at Luo City Lord. His mind was filled with the reminder of what 'Yuan' had once told him before: "You better not become enemies with Luo City Lord. But, you don't have to be too afraid since he will not easily kill you. He has the power to kill a Cosmos God, but he has to pay a huge price the moment he killed one! As long as you don't truly infuriate him, he will not act against you."

    To Yuan

    Ancestor Bone held absolute trust.

    "I am willing to pay 1,000 Origin World Rocks and also that robe which Heaven Weeping Sect Master refined." Ancestor Bone said.

    "5,000 Origin World Rocks and that robe of his and we will end this matter." Luo City Lord said.

    Ancestor Bone felt heartache.

    In the past when the Ancient Sacred World first exploded after the horrifying war, its most primitive energy had been scattered in all directions. Some turned into Origin World Rocks, and every single piece of this Origin World Rock was very precious! Like Xue Ying's Black Gourd protective treasure, its value far transcend an ordinary Primal Chaos Flying Ship, and 500 Origin World Rocks would suffice to get it!

    That time, Gu Qi had a hard time trying to refine the protective treasure. The inner controlling mechanism was meant to control a celestial body at an equivalent level with the Sun Star.

    And Luo City Lord currently directly asked for 5,000 Origin World Rocks! That was equivalent to ten protective treasures, and even if he were a Cosmos God, Ancestor Bone still feel the pain.

    "Alright." Ancestor Bone promised.


    Very soon, the time stop was canceled.

    Xue Ying, Luo Hai, Ancestor Bone, and Heaven Weeping Sect Master all regained their freedom.

    "Pass your Heaven Weeping Sacred Robe to Luo City Lord." Ancestor Bone took the initiative to say. As for the 5,000 Origin World Rocks, he wants it given in the dark. He would not do so openly since it would be too disgraceful.

    Heaven Weeping Sect Master widened his eyes. He felt anxious, "Forefather!"

    He transmitted a message and asked anxiously, "Forefather, why do we have to be afraid of Luo City Lord? With you around, even if we could not defeat him, we can always escape."

    "I can escape, but him killing you is just a single thought. I cannot even save you at all! For him to not kill you and let you bring out the Heaven Weeping Sacred Robe which you refined has been negotiated after I've laid down myself." Ancestor Bone transmitted.

    Heaven Weeping Sect Master felt it was logical. After all, with Luo City Lord being personally there, Heaven Weeping Sect Master could not even move at all.

    "But, but I've contributed" Heaven Weeping Sect Master was reluctant.

    "I've long reminded you for you to do things further away from the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World. Who asked you to do your things so close to it." Ancestor Bone transmitted, "And allowing Luo City to see it. You can only blame your misfortune."

    Heaven Weeping Sect Master felt helpless.

    Why would they meet him?

    He had sent his subordinates over to do these things, and he had concealed himself to prevent others from finding out! Ancestor Devil had spent a long time investigating before he finally discovered what was happening.

    But this time, he had just shown himself when Luo City Lord appeared too?

    "Alright, surviving is most important. I'll help you refine some treasures after that. In the future, if you planned on doing these things again, do it as far as possible from the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World." Ancestor Bone told him via voice transmission.

    "Alright." Heaven Weeping Sect Master could only nod. He was once afraid that someone might destroy his things, and felt that with the forefather close to him, at least he had a backing. Who would have thought that Luo City Lord would come? Even though Ancestor Bone was able to keep him alive, he had to pay a huge price too.


    Very soon, Heaven Weeping Sect Master handed out that grayish robe which was filled with an endless aura of hatred and terror before leaving with Ancestor Bone from the place.

    Luo City Lord causally kept that robe after taking it.

    "You brat actually asked for me to act so soon?" Luo City Lord chuckled as he looked at Luo Hai, "Alright, let us leave."

    "So he is a descendant of Luo City Lord." Only then was Ancestor Devil enlightened, "No wonder Luo City Lord appeared here so coincidentally."

    Luo Hai merely smiled at Xue Ying, "I did not lie right? He is my father! I have long transmitted to him, and he has long arrived, albeit he hasn't acted."

    "I originally wanted to see the power of the new Punishment Hall Palace Master, who would have thought that Ancestor Bone will lend his Black Rattan Hatchet to his subordinate." Luo City Lord shook his head, "The previous time the Great Void Heaven Temple Swordmaster came, he had even praised you before."

    Ancestor Devil merely gave a smile without saying anything.


    That was his rival for life.

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying, let us return to the Great Void Heaven Temple." Ancestor Devil said.

    "Senior Ancestor Devil, I have a matter I would like to ask Luo City Lord." Xue Ying added.

    Luo City Lord was startled as he turned to the white-robed young man.

    "Oh, what's the matter?" Luo City Lord asked.

    "I would like to ask if there are any treasures which could allow stage four World Deities to transcend!" Xue Ying then asked. Luo City Lord' status was extraordinary, and his realm was extremely high too. Thus, his horizon was utterly beyond his! He was not that thick-skinned to ask for treasures, but trying to get some information with Brother Luo Hai around, Luo City Lord should be able to answer him.

    Even if he disdained from responding, Xue Ying would not be in a loss.

    "Transcend?" Luo City Lord was momentarily stunned before he grinned at Xue Ying, "For your loved ones?"

    "Mn." Xue Ying nodded.