Chapter 736: The Gift by Third Highness
     Chapter 736: The Gift by Third Highness

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    In a secret underground location, the Third Highness 'Jiao Yun Liu' was currently watching a black plant in front of him. This black plant had three dark-green fruits growing on it.

    "Hurry up and ripen, I've been waiting for far too long."

    Jiao Yun Liu was quite handsome. A scarlet armor covered his entire body, and there was a crimson scale covering his forehead. His face was quite white and tender, and the aura he emitted was gentle and reserved.

    At this moment, a burning desire was present, deep in his eyes, as he stared at the black plant.

    "Your Highness, it'll be a long time before the fruits ripen. Let the three of us watch over it, please rest assured." A man with vertical eyes and black skin laughed. He was from a different race, and had originated from a different cosmos. However, he was a trusted aide of the Third Highness. There were two other experts by his side.

    "Your Highness, Shan Dan mentioned that he is reaching with a Paragon called Dong Bo Xue Ying, who is from a different race." A protector mentioned from behind Jiao Yun Liu.

    "Alright. Let us go."

    Jiao Yun Liu nodded, before leading his protectors away. Although this location was deep underground, it was tightly protected by many ancient arrays. Jiao Yun Liu inwardly approved as his gaze swept over those arrays. Even though he knew the fruits were far from ripening, he could not resist coming by frequently to have a look at the fruit. He was afraid that an accident would occur. Only by personally verifying that the fruit was still growing, would he be able to appease his worrying heart.

    Even though he lived just on the surface of the planet, and the arrays were under his control, he still came by frequently to inspect the plant.

    "When the fruit is ripe, I'll be able to become stronger. I could even awaken my bloodline and step into the Ruler realm, and even take over the position as crown prince." Jiao Yun Liu's eyes contained a strand of sharpness. It appeared for just a brief moment, before it was retracted and deeply concealed.


    Jiao Yun Liu brought his protectors along and arrived on the surface soon after. Another avatar of Shan Dan took the initiative to lead them over to welcome Xue Ying.

    "This should be Brother Dong Bo Xue Ying?" Jiao Yun Liu chuckled.

    Xue Ying had just arrived on this planet when he met up with Third Highness, who had brought his protectors over to personally welcome him. Shan Dan's true body reminded Xue Ying from beside him, "This is the Third Highness.""

    "Greetings, Third Highness." Xue Ying bowed slightly.

    "I've always been looking for more protectors. Brother Dong Bo's arrival is a truly joyful event. However, I would like to ascertain Protector Dong Bo's combat power. How about that?" Third Highness Jiao Yun Liu declared. After all, amongst the Paragons, there were the strong and there were the weak. At the very least, he had to have a rough understanding of his protectors" capabilities.

    Xue Ying nodded, "Anytime."

    "Then, Protector Cong, come forward and exchange some moves with Protector Dong Bo." Third Highness Jiao Yun Liu ordered.


    A dark, tall, and muscular male walked over from another group of protectors. His entire body was metallic, and it seemed that he was not a fleshy-type being.

    Xue Ying understood that this man was also from a different race. After all, this cosmos was based on the bloodline cultivation system, and the living beings of this cosmos were naturally fleshy-type beings! Earlier, he had heard from Shan Dan that there were a total of 15 protectors under the Third Highness who were native to this cosmos. Another five were from other cosmoses, and he would be the sixth!

    "Let us fight in the void." Protector Cong's voice was deep and resounding. He took a step forward and appeared in the starry sky.

    Xue Ying similarly followed into the starry sky.

    The two faced each other.

    "Begin." Third Highness and the other protectors were looking up from beneath. With their vision, they could see the battle clearly.


    Protector Cong suddenly roared.

    A ray of white light shot out from his mouth, almost instantaneously arriving before Xue Ying.

    The protectors were silently watching from below. They clearly recognised it as one of the killing move originating from the cultivation system of Protector Cong's original cosmos. This ray would be charged up within his body, and its force was tremendous.Most of them did not dare to receive this hit directly with their bodies. They felt that the one called 'Xue Ying' would have to spend quite some effort to defend against this single move alone. It might even be possible for him to lose.


    The light ray passed through Xue Ying's body, disappearing into the distant starry sky.

    And Xue Ying remained uninjured!

    "Mn?" Protector Cong was shocked. Spectating the battle from below, the Third Highness" eyes lit up. The other protectors were also extremely shocked. He actually dared to face this attack head on, yet he remained uninjured, as if his body was like the void?

    "It is my turn." Xue Ying chuckled. The move he displayed was none other than the Mirage World. While it seemed as if he was just standing there, but what actually happened was that he had entered the Mirage World. The other party's attack might be able to affect him within the Mirage World, but his body easily withstood the remnant force. He did not have to move at all.

    Xue Ying flipped his hand, and darts appeared in his palm.

    These darts were his spoils of war from the protectors of the Ancestor Mother Religion. There was a total of 12 darts in this set. It had been made from some exotic bones and were not True God weapons. However, their firmness and sharpness were not inferior than True God weapons. Actually, most of the weapons the Ancestor Mother Religion used were weapons like poles and swords, which were more primitive. Even so, most of them could match up against True God Weapons.


    The moment the dart left his hand, it disappeared.

    It travelled through the Mirage World and had appeared in front of the enemy.

    "Mn? Where is the dart? Where is it?" Protector Cong's golden eyes were wide open as he searched in all directions. Despite his cautious approach, his expression changed when he finally realized the dart had arrived right before his chest.


    He did not have time to defend himself.

    The dart had been thrown using Xue Ying's powerful physical strength, and it also contained the Dao of Slaughter. Having travelled through the Mirage World to arrive at its target, the enemy had no way to defend against this attack.

    There was a resounding boom.

    A huge hole had been carved out of Protector Cong's chest.

    Protector Cong lowered his head in a daze. He then looked back up, only to notice that the dart that had injured him had already vanished.

    "I've lost." Protector Cong muttered. He clearly understood that he would be unable to defend himself if the dart was used against him again. "Brother Dong Bo is indeed formidable. I am not ashamed of being inferior!"

    "Protector Cong's physique is extraordinary too. This attack of mine has only carved out a hole in your body." Xue Ying mentioned. His original intention was to greatly injure the other party, leaving just a strand of life in him. He had never expected that his attack would barely pierce into his opponent's chest before losing all its power. The other party's body was clearly incredibly tough.


    Third Highness Jiao Yun Liu was very delighted. "Protector Dong Bo's combat power is extraordinary. But from what I see, Protector Dong Bo doesn't have a decent weapon, and you do not even have a True God weapon at all. Does Protector Dong Bo specialize in darts?"

    "Nope. I prefer the spear." Xue Ying answered.

    "Spear" Jiao Yun Liu nodded, "I have a spear over here with me that I stole from the treasure trove my father refined."

    After saying that, he waved his hand, causing black robes and silvery-white spear to appear. There was even a gray warship which emerged at one side. This warship was similar to the one Shan Dan was using.

    Xue Ying was stunned.

    "Accept them. Every protector has their own." Jiao Yun Liu stated.

    Xue Ying immediately received them. As he took the items, he could feel the terrifying sharpness of the silvery-white spear. In terms of sharpness, this spear was superior to that Blood Serpent Spear. However, the refinement method of this spear was slightly different than most True God weapons, like the Blood Serpent Spear. It did not contain an eternal Dao, nor was it a Dao at the Opening realm. Instead, there were many ancient complex arrays.

    'Is this a True God weapon refined using another system?' Xue Ying thought. 'Forefather Tian Yu' had left behind many weapons in the Starting Ground. Forefather Tian Yu was the ancestor of their Cultivator Cosmos, and thus, he also used the same system of Laws and Profound Mysteries. Naturally, the weapons he refined were belonged to the same system.

    Different cultivation system would usually have different methods of refining weapons, but the weapons would not necessarily be weak.

    Like his Black Gourd, it relied on a terrifying void array, easily controlling an existence on the level of the "Sun Star". It could not be compared to a simple True God Weapon.

    "Shan Dan mentioned that you wished to obtain the cultivation techniques of other cultivation systems?" Third Highness Jiao Yun Liu chuckled.

    "I am indeed curious to see whether they are beneficial to my cultivation." Xue Ying replied.

    "Hahaha, this is very normal. Every cultivation system has its own specialties." Third Highness Jiao Yun Liu flipped his hand, causing many lumps of crystals to appear. "These contain numerous cultivation techniques from the cultivation systems of 18 cosmoses. Some are quite similar to others, and some are very different."

    After saying that, he passed the crystals in his hand to Xue Ying.

    Xue Ying was astonished.

    A total of 18 cosmoses" worth of cultivation systems?

    That's right.

    Even though this cosmos had conquered eight cosmoses, there were many other small-scaled cosmos passages and medium-scaled cosmos passages connected to other cosmoses. They could gather techniques from other cosmos's cultivation system.

    "If there's anything you need, you can just look for me." Third Highness Jiao Yun Liu laughed. "External resources like these are all I can help you with."

    Xue Ying held on to the crystals. He sensed the vast amount of information contained within. They represented civilizations of many different cosmoses. Xue Ying could not help but fel deeply moved

    What I needed your help with is none other than these external resources!

    "Many thanks, Third Highness." Xue Ying felt delighted. If he had to rely on himself to collect those techniques, he would never be able to collect as many techniques as what the Void God Clan had collected.