Chapter 693: They are here.
     Chapter 693: They are here.

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    Within his consciousness, his true deity heart was seated cross-legged with many golden words appearing around it. Those many words formed a complete set of cultivation technique.

    Judging by length, this cultivation technique could not match up to other absolute arts like the "Luminous Sun", "Extreme Annihilation Mysterious Body" and "Six Sever Sword Styles" which contained a huge amount of information. It was a seemingly simple cultivation technique meant to control the 'Black Gourd'. But when Xue Ying started pondering over it carefully, he could not help but start reading it slower and slower because every single character produced a ripple that contained very profound mysteries. When they were placed together, it had many different kinds of reading styles#

    As he continued reading and eventually finished it, Xue Ying felt muddled.

    'So weird.'

    Xue Ying was staring at a loss.

    Most techniques were challenging to comprehend in the past, yet it felt like understanding this was easy. Every single character was extremely mysterious, and these profound mysteries formed all sorts of cultivation techniques!

    'I've read once and have comprehended 16 different kinds of cultivation techniques.' Xue Ying hugged the Black Gourd in his bosom and tried controlling it.


    Words condensed from luminous sun force began appearing. These words then surged into the Black Gourd as if the clay ox were entering the sea每nothing was left behind. The terrifying flames entirely burned them within the gourd.

    'This cultivation technique is wrong.' Xue Ying did not feel shocked. He continued trying with all 16 cultivation techniques.

    'I say, that Voidwalker has given me five years to cultivate this technique yet I've comprehended it in a moment; the Voidwalker's trial will be too easy if that's the case.' Xue Ying shook his head. It was within expectations: 'Just that I've never thought this cultivation technique is so weird. It seems that many kinds of interpretations are possible. I've read once through and have comprehended 16 possible techniques. If not for testing it with the Black Gourd, I might not confirm if they were right or wrong.'

    The original cultivation technique was in front of him.

    However, what he comprehended so far were all wrong!

    'Five years.'

    Xue Ying had already walked down the stairs. He looked at the highest spot of the stairs and then at the Black Gourd in his bosom. He felt overwhelmed with emotions still.

    Even as he had comprehended a cultivation technique, he remained startled.

    Since what he had just learned was too unbelievable.

    This cosmos where the Deity world and Abyss were had been created by a powerful ancient expert每also the Starting Ground's master, 'Forefather Tian Yu'. No wonder the talisman of the Starting Ground would be so formidable since it could teleport from any location in this cosmos directly to the Starting Ground! And it could also easily arrive at any position from the Starting Ground to the cosmos!

    Furthermore, he had gotten a set of opportunity from another existence that seemed quite close to Forefather Tian Yu每the mysterious Voidwalker.

    The Voidwalker represented a group of experts who cultivated a set of unique techniques每they were few and far between.

    'How big is this universe? I wonder what level I could reach with cultivation?' Xue Ying was still filled with great hope towards getting the cultivation system of the Voidwalker. He had only cultivated the conventional cultivation system每comprehending the laws and profound mysteries before opening his Dao as well as to develop a world within his body.

    He had never cultivated other systems before. He had tried learning the cultivation technique Ruler Pang Yi crafted, but to no avail.

    The more unique a cultivation method was, the harder it would be to succeed.

    The Voidwalker system would most likely be even more challenging to cultivate, or so at least since Xue Ying had to pass two other trials after this. If he failed, the Black Gourd would naturally return to this world, and he would no longer have the opportunity.

    "This stone door is stuck and can't come down." Xue Ying stood at the entrance of the Ancient Shrine and stared at the stone door. At the same time, he was sensing as 'Spectre Prefecture Master' had gathered the other four Paragons. Paragon Emperor Xu, Paragon Sword Emperor, and Paragon Fei Huo had all refined an avatar each already since they had long prepared an embryo. Borrowing on time acceleration, they could refine an avatar quickly.

    "If only it could fall back. I'll not have any disturbances when I cultivate in the inner hall." Xue Ying frowned.

    This world did not have any safe locations for him to cultivate.

    If he were to suffer from the attacks of five Paragons all the time, how could he cultivate? Only his true body could do so in the distant Crimson Rock Mountain, while this avatar's cultivation outcome would be almost negligible. It seemed that it would be a trial which he had only used 50% of his effort.

    "It'll naturally not fall back#" A clear voice sounded.

    Xue Ying was startled.

    One could see a plump child appearing on top of the Black Gourd. The child was about the size of a palm, and he was seated on his butt on the Black Gourd while hugging the head of the gourd. This plump child was only wearing red undergarments that were as dazzling as flames, with tender skin showing on other parts.

    "You are?" Xue Ying looked at the child on top of the Black Gourd

    "Who am I? Do you not know? I am naturally the treasure spirit of your protective treasure, the 'Black Gourd'!" The palm-sized red-undergarment child stood up on the Black Gourd, "Unless you presumed that there is no treasure spirit within?"

    Xue Ying shook his head profusely.

    Most formidable weapons and arrays could condense a spirit. But it depended on whether the owner was willing to keep it.

    "If you passed through the three trials, how would you know where the inheritance ground is if not for a treasure spirit?" The red-undergarment child sat back on his butt and grabbed that tender small foot of his: "Without the treasure spirit, do you think you can use this protective treasure with just a single cultivation technique? Treasures at this level could not be controlled by Rulers if not for special guidance."

    "Naturally, this Black Gourd of mine is only temporarily owned by you. If you can't succeed in controlling it within five years or to refine it completely in a million years, then I'll disappear! You can't find me at all since you will not be allowed back into this world." The red-undergarment child said.

    "I understand." Xue Ying nodded.

    A terrifying weapon that was comparable to the 'Sun Star' was one he had to get.

    "This stone door not falling is also a trial. You have to get the Black Gourd despite being attacked by other Paragons. Furthermore, you have to cultivate this technique under the influence of other Paragons within five years." The red-undergarment child continued, "Rest assured. This world cannot produce Rulers. Even if in the case a Ruler was to emerge, he would be expelled from this world. Thus, you will only have to suffer from the assaults of Paragons# if you could not even deal with several Paragons or die in their hands, then you have no qualifications to become a Voidwalker."

    "I understand that these are all part of the trial."

    Xue Ying chuckled.

    "Remember, you have five years of time每really five years! Even time acceleration was included. You can't pull a fast one on me." The red-undergarment child reminded him.

    Xue Ying nodded. At the same time, his expression turned sour.

    He was clear that this cultivation technique was quite strange, and grasping it wasn't easy.

    The red-undergarment child laughed giddily, "I'll not accompany you anymore. You deal with it yourself." He then disappeared.

    Xue Ying looked at the Black Gourd in his bosom. WIth a thought, "sou", the Black Gourd was kept back into his storage treasure.

    He then walked out of the Ancient Shrine.

    'They are reaching very soon. If I can't deal with them, then it'll be hard to concentrate on cultivating.' Xue Ying left the Ancient Shrine and shot up into the sky.


    Paragon Emperor Xu, Golden Fire Palace Master, Fei Huo Palace Master, Spectre Prefecture Master and Paragon Sword Emperor were five Paragons who stood at the peak of this world in the past. They had been fighting each other and maneuvering covertly too. This time although they were teaming up together on the surface, it had been because the legendary 'Black Gourd' of the Ancient Shrine should have landed in the hands of that World Deity Flying Snow.

    "Us Paragons can't even get that Black Gourd unless we should let a World Deity obtain it?"

    "Relax, the Black Gourd isn't that easy to get."

    With the help of Spectre Prefecture Master, they were teleporting forward continuously!

    Very soon每


    Every time they teleported, they would travel approximately 50 million kilometers. They had already arrived at the Xu Empire capital. The five of them stood in midair, and they soon saw the highest peak of the palace of Xu Empire. There was currently a black teenager standing there. He was also looking towards their direction with a smile, "The five of you are here without one fewer."