Chapter 691: Sweeping out
     Chapter 691: Sweeping out

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    "Disciple, let us bind him together. We must not allow him to get that Black Gourd." Paragon Emperor Xu stared at the distant Xue Ying. His eyes were frigid. According to legends, those who got the black Gourd would be able to conquer the entire world and leave for the outer cosmos anytime! Whatever the reason was, he would not allow other experts to get it.

    "Yes, teacher." Paragon Emperor Sword took out his sword.

    "You are sending your disciple to his death." Xue Ying wielded the sword as he moved forwardly step by step. Every single step of his produced an illusion. They were getting closer to each other.

    "Just with you alone?" Paragon Sword Emperor was confident. He knew that Xue Ying had exterminated Fei Huo Palace Master from the 'Sky Fire Palace' previously, but he considered himself to be good at surviving. In a one-on-one battle, there should be no problems for him to survive more than seven moves from Guest Elder Flying Snow. Furthermore, he even had his teacher with him currently, assuring his survival!


    Xue Ying suddenly slashed out.

    "Kill¨C" Paragon Emperor Xu's silver hair was flowing. Countless white silk strands were fluttering around his body. It had even formed many layers of vortex that led to another world. These vortexes enveloped Xue Ying.

    Paragon Emperor Sword was much more brilliant. He brought his sword and turned into a dazzling golden light on his way towards Xue Ying.

    Because the power of the white fog within the inner hall of the Ancient Shrine was tremendous, the thunder-fire resulting from the laws of the world did not form. Their speed was much slower as a result due to the greater suppression here as compared to the external world.

    '100% strength from the Myriad Devil True Body!' Xue Ying's mind was concentrated entirely on the Black Gourd. He did not want to waste too much time and decided to use the strength he previously exerted when lifting the stone door up.



    Two sword streams that were extremely violent were sent with Xue Ying's Myriad Devil True Body's ultra speed. The first sword stream bombarded against that incoming dazzling golden sword light, causing it to dissipate. Paragon Emperor Sword who was within the light, revealed a look of terror. Closely following that, his body 'boomed' and exploded. The second sword stream had similarly broken apart the many vortices, greatly diminishing the swallowing force within those vortexes. The strength of the divine swords sent by Xue Ying was overwhelming, forcing Paragon Emperor Xu back to reduce the incoming force. In the process, he trembled as a huge impact was released on him, bombarding him out of the Ancient Shrine's entrance.

    After Paragon Emperor Xu retreated for about 150 kilometers, he was able to regain his stance. He had a look of disbelief as he stared at that black-robed teenager situated within the distant Ancient Shrine.

    'How, how could it be as such?'

    Just two swords.

    Paragon Emperor Sword was dead, and Paragon Emperor Xu was forced back.

    Xue Ying kept the treasures left behind by the dead Paragon Emperor Sword in front of him. Actually, his death was quite unjust since he could still condense his body if he weren't located within the Ancient Shrine. But due to the pressure within that could force even 'Chong-Shi Forefather' to kneel, it had suppressed Paragon Emperor Xu significantly.

    It was alright if he had a complete body, yet when he shattered, the resistance force between the body particles became weaker, and thus, they dissipated under pressure within the inner hall. Paragon Emperor Xu did not have the time to save him.

    'They dare to fight against me head-on.' Xue Ying shook his head and muttered inwardly, 'He had been put to death by the pressure within the hall.'

    How would Paragon Emperor Sword know about Xue Ying's strength?

    Although Paragon Sword Emperor knew that 'lifting the stone door' required colossal strength, he was unclear exactly how much! Furthermore, Xue Ying had never forced the other party to explode just purely using strength when he fought against Fei Huo Palace Master. He had only pushed Fei Huo Palace Master back. In addition to Paragon Sword Emperor's confidence in his sword techniques, he believed he could coordinate well with his teacher.

    However, everything was so wrong! When Xue Ying fought with Fei Huo Palace Master, he had exerted 50% of his strength at most. This time, he had utterly exerted all his power.

    'This stone door?'

    Xue Ying went back to where he lifted the stone door. He looked up before frowning slightly, 'The stone door is stuck once lifted up. It can't fall any longer.'

    If he could close the door, he would be able to acquire that Black Gourd peacefully. After getting it, he would lift the door again.

    But in reality, once the stone door was liftedĦ­ he could no longer pull it back down.

    "Guest Elder Flying Snow." The distant Paragon Emperor Xu was angrily shouting out.

    "The stone door will no longer be able to fall back. It seems that I can only kill you so that you will not disturb me any longer." Xue Ying turned into a stream of light as he rushed out. Even though Paragon Emperor Xu and Paragon Emperor Sword had another avatar, they were dispersed at two remote locations to prevent enemies from killing them in one fell swoop. As such, as long as he killed this Paragon Emperor Xu, they would not disturb him for the short moment.

    Even Spectre Prefecture Master, with the location he ascertained using karma, teleported over a few times, he would take a period to reach.


    Outside the Ancient Shrine, Xue Ying began fighting with Paragon Emperor Xu once again!


    "What happened?"

    "What exactly happened to create such a huge disturbance?"

    The entire Xu Empire had been roused. They could hear the loud booming sounds happening from a specific direction. Many figures were frightened so much that they flew out and looked towards the direction of that Ancient Shrine with unease.

    There were currently two figures fighting where the Ancient Shrine was.

    Fortunately, their power was suppressed by the laws of the world and the Ancient Shrine. Thus, the aftershock had significantly been reduced. Even still, the remnant waves were crashing against the palace's arrays.

    "Paragon Emperor Xu, are you thinking of fleeing? Do you think you could escape?" A cold voice was heard.

    "I can't obstruct you. I can't obstruct you!" Paragon Emperor Xu was fleeing back to his palace in fluster. He wanted to rely on his arrays to defend himself.

    "Hong hong hong!"

    Just after 12 continuous berserk sword streams, it shattered that array.

    Xue Ying turned into a dazzling thunder-fire stream as he chased after the fleeing Paragon Emperor Xu. Paragon Emperor Xu was in a difficult situation. He regretted: 'He is so strong.'

    The Dao of Slaughter absolute art, "Six Sever Sword Styles" when used with the Dao of Slaughter which Xue Ying opened had greatly boosted the offensive powers of his sword technique. If it was just this, Paragon Emperor Xu would not be afraid, and would still hold the advantage. Nonetheless, the immense power granted by the 'Myriad Devil True Body' enabled Xue Ying to suppress Paragon Emperor Xu completely!

    In the Deity world and Abyss even if one was suppressed, he could be good in the 'time-space' aspect or 'boundless' aspect, allowing him a way to flee. He could even ask for help and request a Ruler to save him.

    However, in this worldĦ­

    The suppression of laws was too strong! It significantly reduced everyone's flying speed, thus increasing the difficulty of escaping successfully.



    Xue Ying held absolute superiority in speed. He reached the other party before displaying all sword techniques with Dao of Slaughter. A terrifying strength and speed were augmented to the profound mysteries of this sword, causing a freakish strength to be displayed! That 'Protector Huo Zhu' might be stronger than Xue Ying in strength, but he was weaker in terms of the realm. If they were to fight against at this moment, the outcome would be different.

    "I don't dare to obstruct you, yet why are you chasing after me without letting me go? Guest Elder Flying Snow, I admit that you are strong. I admit that you are greater than me. From now, let us not be enemies." Paragon Emperor Xu was persuading the other party because he lost all confidence. Even though he had an avatar located far away, the true body situated in Xu Empire had all his important treasures.

    His previous opinion was that who could kill him in this world?

    It was vigilant of him to leave an avatar at a remote location.

    "Previously, why did you not stop? Now that you know you can't win me, you are planning to beg for mercy?" Xue Ying did not stop. Even though the other party's defenses were good, the terrifying strength augmented to each sword of his could injure the other party. "Furthermore, with my power, I don't need you to recognize it!"

    "Hong hong hongĦ­"

    Move after move employed with all his strength inundated Paragon Emperor Xu.

    He spent half the time taken to brew a cup of tea before extinguishing the body of Paragon Emperor Xu. The life force in his body had been used up.

    Paragon Emperor Xu died in combat!


    "Quick, Spectre Prefecture Master, you must bring the four of us together to the Ancient Shrine and stop World Deity Flying Snow. He has killed my disciple already. I can't hold on any longer. He'll be getting that Black Gourd from the Ancient shrine soon. We must think of ways to take it back and not let him snatch away." Paragon Emperor Xu was asking for help during his battle previously.

    Spectre Prefecture Master and the two Paragons from Sky Fire Palace were both in a great shock.

    One of the Paragons from Xu Empire had died, and even the oldest Paragon Emperor Xu could not hold on any longer? This Guest Elder Flying Snow was too scary already right?

    Would he be taking the Black Gourd from the Ancient Shrine?

    That was an item of the legend!

    For a moment, the three of them had different thoughts, yet Spectre Prefecture Master eventually agreed to bring the four of them towards the Ancient Shrine.