Chapter 677: Void River
     Chapter 677: Void River

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    Xue Ying stood in the void, letting out his senses towards the vast surrounding region of five trillion kilometers in range.

    'There are 15 planets, and all of them are desolate with no living beings on them. There is also some void rubble, with a unique landmark¨Ca flowing Void River.' Xue Ying looked afar. That Void River was 50 billion kilometers long. It seemed to be naturally formed since the cosmos emergence and was quite unusual. His World Deity energy could not permeate through.

    Within the region of five trillion kilometers, there was only that Void River which he could not probe.

    'Within the Ancient Pagoda left behind by Ancestor Devil, there is only this single location marked on the ancient star map. Thus, there is a probability of more than 99% of that location being located within the river.' Xue Ying made his guesses.

    'As for other places?'

    He thought.


    The entire void within the region of five trillion kilometers started trembling violently. The 15 desolate planets and void rubble immediately turned into a stream of particles. Even the ordinary void was shattered to join the flow just like porridge being boiled. Countless particles were flowing almost every single object within the region of five trillion kilometers had turned into particles conjoining this stream of particles. The only remaining article that was completely fine was that moving river.

    'There is nothing special with other regions.' Xue Ying let out a thought, and everything regained its previous peace¨Cthe void was reinstated, while the original desolate planets and void rubble had long turned into nothingness.


    A single teleported led Xue Ying above this surging river. Watching the Void River which was 500,000 kilometers wide and 50 billion kilometers long, the unseen 'Mirage World' had begun spreading out as it attempted to reach out to the entire Void River.

    The Mirage World had barely enveloped the whole river. This river was sparkling silver, and undercurrents were moving inside it, with several maelstroms appearing.

    'Yi? There seems to be no impurity within this river?' Xue Ying felt puzzled. Using the Mirage World to scout, he could see the entire river being formed entirely from liquid; there were no other substances.

    'Unless this river itself is the treasure?' Xue Ying made his guess.

    He adorned the Extreme Annihilation Mysterious Body armor before extending his right hand. "Hua", the palm rapidly turned big as it covered the entire place. Just a single palm was more massive than even the river. With the black armor protecting the broad palm, it went towards the river and tried taking it away. However, the moment the palm grabbed that river, he felt like an ant trying to catch a vast Flood Dragon.

    Under the surging river flow, it had easily repelled Xue Ying's palm. Like an ant trying to shake a tree, Xue Ying's palm could not move this river at all.

    'Such a huge force.' Xue Ying praised.

    Sometimes, a man's strength was limited.

    Even the powerful Rulers when faced with existences like the 'Sun Star' or 'Moon Star' which could reflect across the entire cosmos, they would feel how small and weak they were. They did not dare to enter the deepest region of the Sun Star or Moon Star as they might die any time, much less to grab hold of the entire Sun Star or Moon Star. It was likely the case that the Sun Star could kill a Ruler if it let out just a strand of energy within.

    That was the natural strength of the 'Cosmic Body'!

    Like the 'Black Fog Sea' which he was living at, the Black Fog Sea which emerged naturally was similarly unfathomable, and also a unique body formed naturally in the cosmos.

    This river was the same.

    'If I can't grab the entire river, then I'll just spend a little more time.' Xue Ying's right hand regained its original shape. At the same time, a jade bottle appeared. This jade bottle was small, though he sued it to try and scoop some 'water' away from the Void River.

    The moment the jade bottle entered, water naturally flow into the bottle.

    'Mn?' When Xue Ying was trying to keep the jade bottle, he suffered from a considerable obstruction force. The small amount of water which entered the jade bottle remained as a single entity with the entire river, and he could not keep it at all.

    'Interesting.' Xue Ying laughed. There were too many weird things in the cosmos. Other powerful existences did not have his patience to try and take away things from a single river. But precisely due to Ancestor Devil's map which marked this location accurately, Xue Ying naturally had the patience to do so.

    'I can't force my way through. Since I can't take them away, then I'll use some other foolish methods and keep trying. What exactly is this map which had been left behind by Ancestor Devil?' Xue Ying continued walking downwards. His body entered the Void River flow. Because he had discovered nothing special after hiding himself in the 'Mirage World', then he would personally experience what it was to enter the river. Who knows he might discover some secret?


    Just as he entered the Void River, Xue Ying discovered some slight resistance. The entire river was filled with resistance, and with it occurring throughout the 50 billion kilometers long river, it was something incomprehensible.

    'Why would the star map point to this location when everywhere is just water?' Xue Ying flew within the Void River as he probed around him. He would use his hand to interact and his body to touch.


    Time flowed.

    One day, two days, three days one year, two years, three years

    Xue Ying had been continuously flying within the Void River. He would inspect every single location, yet no matter how long he spent his time investigating, he would only discover that it was just water! Those 'undercurrent' and 'maelstrom in the water' had a powerful force. Naturally, it could not threaten Xue Ying, but he had no discovery at all. Such days were too mundane.

    Maybe the water body itself was unique? But no matter how he inspected, it was just a slightly more special material, and he could not bring them away.

    100 years, 200 years

    If it was other powerful existences, they might give up very soon after discovering that this location was just a more special 'cosmic body'.

    But Xue Ying had always been persevering! He believed that there must be some reason why the ancient star map marked this location!

    'Ancestor Devil should know that every single epoch will cause the cosmos to transform. But he still left behind the star map which marked this location that should not have been affected by the transformation of cosmos.' Xue Ying was confident of Ancestor Devil. Thus, he had been persevering onwards. After suffering from the long period during the 'Time Boundary' cultivation, he was no longer impatient.

    In the blink of an eye, he had spent his time scouring through this Void River for 5,300 years.


    On this day, Xue Ying was still inspecting every single area. It was to the extent that he did not trust his eyes; he was using his hands to touch every area.

    As he was flying and inspecting the different places


    'Mn?' Xue Ying suddenly felt a brightness appearing vaguely in front of him. This jolted his senses because it was the only unique location which he had discovered in the 5,300 years he had been inspecting this Void River.

    Following the brightness, Xue Ying went closer. The resistance force from the water was greatly decreasing as he got closer. Furthermore, the time-space was also becoming more distorted. As he got through the many layers of time-space, Xue Ying's eyes brightened. In the end, he finally stopped as the surrounding no longer had any stream of water. Instead, the water was flowing outside and protecting this single region.

    This spherical region was not too big; it was just 330 meters wide.

    At the center, there was a dark silver sphere about the size of a human head. On its surface, there was liquid moving about. At the same time, it was emitting a silvery-white light that illuminated all directions and had permeated through the Void River.

    'Unless that location marked on star map is referring to it?' Xue Ying stood there. He could feel this dark silver sphere emitting many ripples. Those ripples were hitting him. Xue Ying was even feeling a burst of pressure on his body, and this dark silver sphere had some unfathomable allure that attracted Xue Ying, bringing him closer to it.

    'My Mirage World is unable to discover it. It is beyond the Mirage World.' Xue Ying was clear on this point, 'Let's see what it exactly is.'

    His right hand held a battle saber as he went moving forward with it. He was more vigilant about this object which felt unknown.

    The closer he got, the stronger the resistance force produced by that silvery-white sphere.

    "Break." Xue Ying let out a soft growl. The strong force was released from inside his body. He continued onwards with the saber in his hand. As he got closer to the silvery-white sphere, at that moment when he was just 33 meters away from it


    That silvery-white sphere which was occasionally emitting undulations had once again released another wave.

    The stream had produced a ripple which could be seen with the naked eyes. This ripple had contacted with that saber which Xue Ying wielded.


    At that moment when they contacted, a terrifying swallowing force enveloped that saber, transmitting unto the body of Xue Ying.

    'What.' Xue Ying was dragged without resistance by that terrifying force, and with a "sou", his entire person flew towards that silvery-white sphere. As he flew towards it, his figure was becoming smaller.

    Within the vision of Xue Ying, he could see the silvery-white sphere growing bigger. The bigger it became, the harder it was for his naked eyes to look at its boundaries. It was initially still a sphere! But the closer he got, the wider it became; in the end, it became a vast land.

    'That is¨C'

    Xue Ying saw it. With his terrifying vision, he finally could see that there were vaguely many humans existing on this vast land.


    Closely following that, Xue Ying fell into this piece of vast land.