Chapter 672: The new Third Ancestor
     Chapter 672: The new Third Ancestor

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    Over at the highest area in the main palace, the clouds and fogs were lingering there.

    Powerful existences and stage four World Deities were currently gathered together as they interacted. There were many tables as well with all sorts of delicious food and delicacies being placed by the maidservants. All their seats had been appropriately arranged, with there being four seats located at the highest area每these were apparently for the four Rulers who would be participating in the Myriad Flower Feast this time.

    And beneath the location where the Rulers were seated, there were three other seats.

    And there was a clearer distance between those located even lower每these were where the other attendants sat.

    "See, beneath where the Rulers were seated, there are three seats. It was fine in the past since we have three ancestors! But after Pang Yi became a Ruler, there should only be two ancestors left, yet they still arranged for three seats. Unless the rumors were true? That Dong Bo Xue Ying will become the newest third ancestor?" There were three powerful existences seated together discussing this topic as they turned towards those seats.

    "Not really. It could be that some other Paragons are coming over for the Myriad Flower Feast. In the past, the Mysterious North Imperial Empress and Monarch Hex Cricket had attended before.

    "Hmph hmph, from how I see, it shouldn't be Paragons from outside the Bloodshed God Palace coming since that is too rare. Instead, it could possibly be Dong Bo Xue Ying sitting there."

    "But he is too young. Is his combat power enough?"

    "I've heard that he is currently ranked 33rd in the Cosmos Deity-Demon List每very formidable."

    "But compared to the past with Pang Yi, Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master and Monarch Destruction, he seems much weaker and younger每he is ultimately still a stage four World Deity."


    It was not just the three who had been debating about this. Currently, many powerful existences and stage four World Deities within the main palace were paying close notice to the seats. They were transmitting their thoughts since they were not too willing to offend Xue Ying.

    It seemed that there was not a consensus between the powerful existences.

    Some stage four World Deities had felt that the possibility of Xue Ying sitting there was much lower: "His Majesty God-Emperor does things fairly. Without having sufficient combat power, it is impossible for him to let Monarch Dong Bo sit there. From how I see, there must be some other existences coming to attend the Myriad Flower Feast."

    "Right. Rumors are ultimately rumors. If in the Myriad Flower Feast with so many Rulers attending and powerful existences present too, if they let Dong Bo Xue Ying sit on the same level with Monarch Destruction and Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master then that will be publicising his strength." The stage four World Deities were filled with disbelief.

    It was one thing with rumors. Publicly acknowledging the truth would be something else altogether.

    Regardless of how influential the past stories were, without Xue Ying personally recognizing it, they would be merely happenings of the past.

    Yet publicising the matter during the Myriad Flower Feast would be a recognition by God-Emperor himself that Xue Ying had the qualifications to become one of the three ancestors! The God-Emperor was trusted by the public. He was indubitably the strongest expert in the Deity world, and many powerful existences were aware that on the Cosmos Deity-Demon List, Bloodshed God-Emperor was ranked the first as well每he had suppressed that 'Abyss Primogenitor' from the Dark Abyss.

    "See, Yu Jing Qiu is here."

    "That's Monarch Dong Bo's wife. Behind her should be the children of the Monarch."

    As they discussed behind their backs, the moment Jing Qiu brought her children along, they became very polite to her since after all, Xue Ying was much stronger than them.

    'Unless His Majesty God-Emperor is going to let Xue Ying sit at that position today?' Forefather Scarlet Flame who had participated in the feast was silently looking on, 'Is it too rushed? Why not wait until Xue Ying mature more and create a battle outcome that proves his combat power before promoting him to the position of the three ancestors? Or am I thinking this wrongly, that there is some other Paragon coming to participate in the Myriad Flower Feast?"



    Xue Ying descended. Seeing his wife and the many powerful existences and stage four World Deities by her side, they were clearly deeply engaged with her. As for Qing Yao and Dong Bo Yu, these two siblings were staring left and right. They had only read stories on these powerful existences, and today was the first time they saw them personally, exciting them very much.

    "Xue Ying." Jing Qiu's eyes brightened as she greeted.

    "Monarch Dong Bo." These powerful existences and World Deities politely greeted.

    Xue Ying chuckled and returned a few brief sentences.

    "Junior Disciple Brother." A voice came transmitting over. It was a white-robed bald-headed teenager who came walking over.

    "Senior Disciple Brother Hui Ming." Xue Ying revealed a happy look as he immediately went over. In the past, Hui Ming had given off a temperament that felt like he would transcend through everything he saw, and now, this temperament of his became much more reserved, yet more intense. Even Xue Ying at his cultivation heart realm had been influenced in forming some feelings of intimacy with him.

    With his cultivation heart, he could entirely deduce that this was an unseen attractive feeling which was naturally produced by Senior Disciple Brother Hui Ming himself.

    "Senior Disciple Brother is giving me a feeling that seems more and more like Ruler Pang Yi." Xue Ying mentioned.

    "You overexaggerate things. I am merely an ant on the ground, and Teacher is a God Dragon who is akin to the sky. We can't compare at all." Senior Disciple Brother Hui Ming replied, "The more I cultivate, the more unfathomable I feel Teacher is."

    Xue Ying laughed.

    "Xue Ying, Hui Ming." Forefather Scarlet Flame came walking over.

    "Forefather." Xue Ying and Hui Ming were both respectful. The two of them were quite close with Forefather Scarlet Flame.

    Forefather Scarlet Flame chuckled, "We have not met for more than eight million years, Xue Ying, your combat power has become truly profound."

    "Reaching my current realm, improving is getting tougher." Xue Ying humbly replied.

    Forefather Scarlet Flame transmitted over, "Did the two of you see that? The positions arranged within the main palace每other than the highest four seats where the Rulers would go, there are three seats on the second level. In the past, those are where the three ancestors sit! And this time, there are only Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master, Monarch Destruction, and you, Xue Ying. I did not discover any other Paragons coming, so it should really be you who will be seated there."

    "I sit there?" Xue Ying frowned.

    "It might be a rumor in the past, but His Majesty God-Emperor will be publicizing your status today." Senior Disciple Brother Hui Ming transmitted a message too.

    Just when the three of them were discussing over the topic

    Two figures came walking over from afar.

    "Dong Bo." An exalted voice sounded, "Hahaha, you are late."

    Xue Ying turned over. It was an old man wearing a luxurious-looking black robe and a violet-robed male. They were 'Monarch Destruction' and 'Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master'.

    "Monarch, Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master." Xue Ying greeted.

    This scene had attracted the attention of many powerful existences and stage four World Deities within the main palace. Because Monarch Destruction and Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master were two of the three ancestors, and Xue Ying had currently been brought into the limelight.

    "I've come early today wishing to meet you." Monarch Destruction grinned, "Yet you come so late."

    "I've gone to see Teacher actually." Xue Ying replied.

    "God-Emperor seems to pay great attention to you." Monarch Destruction sighed, "And it is not puzzling since you, brat, has reached the Paragon realm in just a short million years. Now that eight million years have passed, from what I know, your combat power should have soared once again right?"

    Xue Ying was stunned.

    He had attained the initial scroll of the Myriad Devil True Body, and there were very few who could analyze what he got according to the materials he was collecting. But with the vast network of connection Monarch Destruction had, knowing it was not puzzling. Yet it was being publicized at this moment? One had to know that they were not carefully transmitting their conversation. Instead, they were speaking in the open.

    Those powerful existences and World Deities who were initially paying close attention to this had their ears erecting.

    Reaching a Paragon in a million years?

    EIght million years had passed, and his combat power would have significantly soared?

    "Your combat power should most likely be beyond mine already." Monarch Destruction sighed. The surrounding World Deities were all hearing, "God-Emperor has two disciples, you and Monarch Green, who are improving too fast. I am just watching all of you soaring to the sky as you all throw this old man far behind."

    The powerful existences and World Deities who were hearing this felt very shocked at this moment.

    Because the stronger one's combat power, the harder it would be for him to say he could not match up against the other party!

    Monarch Destruction had stated these words publicly, meaning that he was acknowledging that he was weaker than Xue Ying! With his identity, there were no reasons to lie.

    "Unless Dong Bo Xue Ying's combat power has reached an extremely high stage?"

    "That's right too. There was news about him becoming one of the three ancestors when he has just cultivated for a million years. Now that eight million years have gone by, he is certainly much stronger."

    "With the identity Monarch Destruction has, he must have some backings for saying these."

    The powerful existences were clear.

    Xue Ying had ranked 33rd eight million years ago on the Cosmos Deity-Demon List. With his cultivation speed, he should have broken through very quickly. Thus, the words spoken by Monarch Destruction would be real.

    The World Deities, though, felt that with the identity of the three ancestors and the identity of His Majesty God-Emperor, what Monarch Destruction said would be worth believing.


    At that moment, Monarch Destruction stated these words using his identity and reputation. It had reduced many people who were criticizing in the dark.

    "Monarch has overpraised me." Xue Ying felt fell in a daze. Why would Monarch Destruction be propping him up? He would instead use himself as a stepping stone and help prop Xue Ying up?

    "Haha." Monarch Destruction laughed voraciously.

    He had lived for far too long. In addition to the identity of his disciple, he knew many of the secrets.

    As such, he knew that if he wanted his future days to be better, he would have to hug the 'biggest thigh'! His disciple, 'Bloodshed God-Emperor' had the thickest thigh! Monarch Green had a 'thick thigh' too, and this Xue Ying had attained such combat power despite cultivating for such a short period of time. The chances of him matching Monarch Green in the future were very possible; even his chances of becoming a Ruler were high! Naturally, he would want to build a good relationship with him.

    Roping others would have a poor effect.

    But hugging the big thighs of 'Xue Ying' and 'Monarch Green' would result in a good outcome! Who let him be the teacher of Bloodshed God-Emperor!

    'Reputation? What about it?' Monarch Destruction thought, 'Wait until this cosmos epoch ends, and those fools will be suffering from living, yet I could be as carefree as ever.'

    Xue Ying might fell in a daze, but with Monarch Destruction using all his effort to prop Xue Ying up, it made Xue Ying feel good about him.

    After a while

    "Hu hu hu hu"

    Four figures descended. They were Bloodshed God-Emperor, Purgatory Ruler, Ruler Nile and Pang Yi. These four Rulers were seated high above. At that moment, the entire inner main palace quietened down.

    Bloodshed God-Emperor looked below him and declared nonchalantly, "Everyone to your seats."

    "Monarch Dong Bo, please." Those maidservants had immediately gone guiding the guests to their seats. Naturally, there was one who came especially for Xue Ying.


    Xue Ying had discovered that his position was one of the three located closest to the Rulers.

    He, Monarch Destruction and Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master had a maidservant personally leading them to their positions. And at this moment, many other stage four World Deities and powerful existences were paying close notice to this.

    "Hua hua hua"

    Everyone present sat down.

    And Xue Ying, Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master, and Monarch Destruction had gone to their seats before sitting down too.

    At this moment, everyone understood that Bloodshed God-Emperor had personally publicly acknowledged that Xue Ying was qualified to be one of the three ancestors.

    "Third ancestor?" The gaze of many World Deities and powerful existences had turned towards the smile on Jing Qiu as well as the excitement on her children. Xue Ying could not help but smile too, "Please sit, please sit."

    This seat.

    It was lower slightly than that of the Rulers, yet higher than the positions of the powerful existences.

    He could set his gaze across all the powerful existences and stage four World Deities with a single look. He could also see the 1,900 little Deity brats currently located at the outermost perimeter.

    'That time, I have once dreamt of becoming a disciple of an ancestor. And now? I am the third ancestor.' Xue Ying grinned. He felt that destiny was mocking others, and everything seemed so exciting.