Chapter 557: Big Benefit
     Chapter 557: Big Benefit

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    Violet-gowned Hex Emperor and Nine Yang Palace Head felt their hearts being stifled as the pressure enveloped down on both of them.

    If it was some new Paragon who had just opened up their own Dao path, the two were not afraid of them. However, Paragon Huo Cheng was different. He had lived for far too long, and had long opened up his own dao path. Furthermore, he had walked down this path for a long distance, and the gap in combat power between the two parties were clear. Even if the two of them worked together, they would easily be suppressed.

    "Hong~" A wave of heat came assaulting over, causing even the stable space within Lake Heart Island to be distorted.

    "Greetings Paragon Huo Cheng." Violet-gowned Hex Emperor had greeted with a slight bow.

    Paragon Huo Cheng looked at him, nodding, "Violet-gown, I still remember the previous time when we both met, you were just an ordinary true god. Now, your combat power has actually reached this stage and you depended on your own comprehensions. It should be about time when you opened your own dao."

    Violet-gowned Hex Emperor smiled with some signs of humility, "Paragon Huo Cheng has over-praised me. I am stuck at a bottleneck, and have always been feeling an unseen obstacle when trying to take this step. Thus, I came seeking for an opportunity."

    "Mn, don't be so anxious. Take your time." Paragon Huo Cheng said. He might be overbearing, but he did not have any killing intent towards Violet-gowned Hex Emperor and Nine Yang Palace Head.

    "Since Paragon Huo Cheng is willing to act out for His Highness Dong Bo, then I'll naturally not be in a tangle with him anymore. I'll bid my farewell first." Violet-gowned Hex Emperor chuckled before bringing Dried Tree Old Mother in leaving the place, leaving behind Nine Yang Palace Head with some slight unwillingness.

    Paragon Huo Cheng's unseen pressure glare landed on Nine Yang Palace Head, curling his lips in saying, "Nine Yang, you are a disciple under the Temporal Island Lord, and is even his personal disciple. Currently, you are comparable to Violet-gown, and now, you still wish to take away the true god weapon of Monarch Mo Xue."

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying!" Nine Yang Palace Head growled instead.

    In the distant, Xue Ying flew over to the side of Paragon Huo Cheng. He replied with a relatively polite tone, "Nine Yang Palace Head, Monarch Mo Xue has helped me a lot, so I have to protect him."

    Even though his combat power had rose a lot, it was not the time for his wife to expose his identity. After all, Paragon Huo Cheng could not always be there to protect himself. Wait until he became a stage four World Deity, by then, he would not care about this anymore.

    "Helped you, what favor, what is it that made you risk your life?" Nine Yang Palace Head felt anguished, "Isn't it just a little pointer given to you during the Myriad Flower Feast? You protected his nation, this should be enough to settle the karma."

    "I am doing things according to my heart. This matter is something I will not move back from." Xue Ying answered.

    Paragon Huo Cheng's eyed glared, causing an unseen wave of heat to rush over, causing Nine Yang Palace Head's expression to change. On his surface, a layer of dull sword light appeared, defending him against the wave of heat. Paragon Huo Cheng furiously berated, "Nine Yang, I have given you enough respect. And entering the historical remain for an adventure, obtaining a treasure depends solely on one's own techniques and strategies. Mo Xue has disregarded his life in seeking for treasure, and now that he has gotten a true god weapon, it is his fortune. If you were to rely on your combat power to snatch it over successfully, it's fine. But now, I am here! Your combat power is too far off, so stay here like a hoodlum."

    Nine Yang Palace Head gritted his teeth.


    He cultivated for many years, and yet, he could still not take that last step to open his own dao path! This true god weapon was an opportunity to him.

    "Scram!" Paragon Huo Cheng no longer had any patience.

    "We'll leave." Nine Yang Palace Head looked ahead, yet he gritted his teeth and left after that. Sovereign Ze Nuo and the others, including Emperor Prison Dragon who had rushed over, were also leaving.

    Xue Ying looked at this scene.

    Big Brother Huo Cheng was indeed famous for his power. He did not need to act yet he could force the other party to leave.

    "Nine Yang this brat has an extraordinary potential." The eyes beneath the red brows of Paragon Huo Cheng held some regret, "It's a pity that his cultivation heart is lacking. He is too anxious to succeed, and am trying his best to seek for all sorts of external aid to help him become a paragon. But the more rushed he is, the more hopeless it will be. Ultimately, an external aid is an external strength. What one has to depend is still inside one's own body."

    "Nine Yang PAlace Head should understand this logic too." Xue Ying said, "But knowing and doing it are two different things."

    "Mn." Paragon Huo CHeng nodded.

    Knowing and doing it were different.

    Logic was something everyone knew of. But truly doing it was something difficult.

    "Let's go, let's go fetch your wife." Paragon Huo Cheng laughed. Xue Ying immediately led the way as they rushed out.


    In an icy mountain cave right at the outer perimeter of the Lake Heart Island, Jing Qiu was here silently cultivating. And now, she was instead standing on a piece of ice looking afar.

    "Father." Jing Qiu saw the distant figure of a white-haired white-bearded black-robed old man, and could not help but be joyous.

    "Daughter." Monarch Mo Xue also rushed over.

    The two father and and daughter hugged each other the moment they met. Jing Qiu's eyes were filled with tears. Father had given her the true god weapon, and soon later, her father would be reincarnating soon. This had caused a strand of unwillingness to form in the heart of Jing Qiu.

    Not far away, Xue Ying and Paragon Huo Cheng were both looking. Paragon Huo Cheng was entirely scarlet red in color with red hair and red brows. He stood there emitting a wave of heat, causing the surrounding icy layer to start melting. He looked from afar, "Nine Yang and Purple gown both do not know that actually, this Mo Xue is your father-in-law. Your wife is not bad. She is actually a stage four World Deity."

    Paragon Huo Cheng's eyes had some recollections. In his eyes, Monarch Mo Xue, Jing Qiu and Xue Ying were all brats.

    After all, he had solely been trapped here for more than a hundred billion years!

    "It's a pity he can't transcend and reach eternity." Xue Ying sighed.

    "As long as one lived happily enough, why care about the length?" PAragon Huo Cheng chuckled, "Oh right, Brother Dong Bo, I previously told you that after saving me, I'll give you plenty of good benefits. It's a pity that your combat power is still lacking, so the use of this benefit to you might be lower. However, to your teacher Bloodshed God Emperor, it is a huge benefit."

    Xue Ying asked, "What good benefits?"

    "That time when I first barged into the Lake Heart Island, even though I was eventually imprisoned, I have gotten a huge reward." Paragon Huo Cheng chuckled, "I discovered records of an ancient cavern dwelling which was where the Lake Heart Island master previously stayed at."

    "A cavern dwelling where the Lake Heart Island master previously stayed at?" Xue Ying felt puzzled.

    Lake Heart Island master.

    Even though he had merely entered a dangerous place, the 'Destruction Eden', when coming to the Lake Heart Island this time, that was merely a garrison ground for a subordinate legion! It could not be considered as a true important ground within Lake Heart Island. Yet this single dangerous place made Xue Ying understand that 'Lake Heart Island master' was extremely amazing.

    The cavern dwelling which he had previously stayed at? Just thinking of it and he understood it must be extraordinary.


    Paragon Huo Cheng nodded, "Lake Heart Island master should want to leave some presents and gifts for the living beings in the future cosmos epochs! I discovered the records of the cavern dwelling which the Lake Heart Island master lived at, and it should be one of the presents left behind deliberately by the Lake Heart Island master."

    "It's a pity that this level of cavern dwelling which might have been casually left behind is also filled with dangers. Without enough power, one would not be able to obtain the gifts given by Lake Heart Island master." Paragon Huo Cheng said, "Brother Dong Bo, your combat power is still too weak and it isn't appropriate for you to participate in it."

    "I understand." Xue Ying nodded.

    He was just a stage three World Deity. Even if his current combat power had rose, he was still not an opponent of Nine Yang Palace Head and the others, much less some ancient paragons and rulers like his teacher, 'Bloodshed God Emperor'.

    "I've already informed my teacher about this matter, and informed Bloodshed God Emperor about it too." Paragon Huo Cheng chuckled, "This time, the scouting of the Lake Heart Island master ancient cavern dwelling will be led by both my teacher and Bloodshed God Emperor. Originally, I only wanted to let my teacher conduct this operation, but now, it is an operation of two huge sects, and everything is because of you, Brother Dong bo!"

    Xue Ying was stunned.

    "Xue Ying." A voice suddenly resounded in the mind of Xue Ying.

    "Teacher." Xue Ying immediately recognized the voice. It was his teacher, Bloodshed God Emperor. He could even feel that in a faraway placeĦ­ his teacher Bloodshed God Emperor was currently looking at him!

    "Come with Huo Cheng together to my God Palace to meet me." Bloodshed God Emperor transmitted over.

    "Right." Xue Ying replied.

    "Not bad, brat, you are quite amazing to be able to help your teacher even." Another voice resounded in the mind of Xue Ying too. It was that black bird.