Chapter 556: Paragon Huo Cheng
     Chapter 556: Paragon Huo Cheng

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    "This Dong Bo Xue Ying's combat power has actually reached this standard." Sovereign Ze Nuo leaned back against a dark stone wall. In his heart, there was a heaven-shattering wave surging, "His strength has completely suppressed mine, and far exceeded that of mine! Even though his realm might be much weaker than mine by much, just relying on this terrifying strength, he is able to fight against powerful existences! Still, he is just a stage three World Deity! A stage three World Deity who could fight against powerful existences, then what would happen if he becomes a stage four World Deity?"

    Stage four World Deity should be the stage where the combat power raised the fastest because they would start comprehending on the side daos, grasping hold of many other grade one Deity Hearts. Their realms could even reach a stage comparable to that of powerful existences! Thus, stage four World Deity fighting against those on a higher realm than theirs was an ordinary matter, and the more tyrannical ones in history like Monarch Heavenly Cloud could even kill powerful existences as a stage four World Deity!

    And the legendary existence¨CBamboo Mountain Prefecture Master! He was a stage four World Deity who could reach a power that was called as one of the three ancestors in Bloodshed God Palace. Even his lifespan was so long that it felt exaggerated.

    "This Dong Bo Xue Ying is too formidable. It should not be a hard task for him to become a powerful existence in the future. I believe he has hopes of becoming a paragon existence." Sovereign Ze Nuo thought. His thinking and attitude towards Xue Ying was changing. Unless there was a treasure which could give him hopes of transcending, otherwise, he did not wish to offend Xue Ying.

    After all, he was also helping Nine Yang Palace Head this time and the true god weapon wasn't one he could get his hands on.

    "Your Highness Dong Bo, this flame secret technique which you are using is very formidable." A hoarse voice brought along a unique undulation as it reverberated within the tunnel, "It's Dried Tree Old Mother." Sovereign Ze Nuo immediately knew, though he was chuckling inwardly. This Dried Tree Old Mother would definitely be losing out later.

    Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu!

    Many grayish-brown tree roots arced through the sky. The sky had even changed colors vaguely, as if every single tree root contained an endless profound mystery of laws. Xue Ying understood the moment he saw that¨CDried Tree Old Mother's true body had come. Her true body was much stronger, especially when these tree roots had not been separated into many other branches, with only the main trunk incoming, and it was enough to resist against his flame.

    "Be careful, you can't fight head-on with him." Sovereign Ze Nuo had still transmitted a message.

    "Hmph." Dried Tree Old Mother held onto her walking stick. Her trees had formed into many enormous grayish-brown tree roots which was sent out. At this moment, her heart was filled with fury, and in order to maintain her own reputation as a powerful existence, she did not heed the words of Sovereign Ze Nuo at all.

    "Dried Tree Old Mother, is it worth putting in so much effort for the sake of Nine Yang Palace Head?" Xue Ying held onto his spear, fiercely hacking out with both his hands. During this moment, the spear had rapidly elongated, lashing out with a vast might. A circle of darkness surrounded the spear, and outside the darkness was an endless light. But Dried Tree Old Mother did not care at all.

    In terms of realms, they were too far off.

    Her moves might seem normal, but in reality, it had fused together many profound mysteries of law.

    "Pa pa pa~" As the spear hacked out, these tree roots also went out lashing out and wanted to bind around Xue Ying, capturing him. But the moment the spear clashed against the tree roots, those grayish-brown roots were instead torn apart. This caused the expression of Dried Tree Old Mother to change greatly. She hurriedly transform the grayish-brown tree roots into a move that was more soft.

    Yet the spear had reached Dried Tree Old Mother. After all, whenever a powerful existence acted, one single wrong move would cause them to be disadvantaged. She hurriedly waved the wooden walking stick in her hands to try and parry against the attack.


    Dried Tree Old Mother flew backwards as she tried to shave off the impact. She stumbled on the ground, looking at the distant Xue Ying was shock. If one said that she was careless initially, she had truly used her full force using the walking stick to parry against the attack, but she was still suppressed. She immediately understood, "This His Highness Dong Bo's combat power is comparable to mine. In terms of strength, he is quite overwhelming."

    Saying was slow.

    Dried Tree Old Mother's true body appeared, acted, before being suppressed and had to retreat. But it was only that moment!

    "I do not have any malicious intention." Dried Tree Old Mother hurriedly shouted.

    Xue Ying was startled.

    One could only see a figure appeared suddenly by the side of Dried Tree Old Mother. It was a figure enveloped in violet gown. His head was covered, and his face had violet deity marks on them. His eyes were golden as he had a smile on it, "Your Highness Dong Bo, Dried Tree does not have any malicious intent. It is I who wanted to help Your Highness Dong Bo avoid the pursuit of Nine Yang."

    "You are Purple-gowned Hex Emperor?" Xue Ying was astonished.

    Purple-gowned Hex Emperor.

    He was a very formidable powerful existence within the 'Myriad Deity Palace' from one of the three superpowers in the Deity world. He had rose from the material realm, with him calling himself 'purple-gown' when he was in the material realm mortal world. Somehow, the purple gown had a special meaning within his hometown. He had always been researching on hex poison, and had rarely come out for adventures. In terms of hex poison, his accomplishments were very high; he had even used the hex poison to transform his own body, and had a very tyrannical hex poison body.

    He was publicly recognized as an existence who is very close to that of a paragon, and was on the same level as that of Nine Yang Palace Head and Monarch Gu Zang!

    Nine Yang Palace Hand and Monarch Gu Zang were both respectively the personal disciple of Temporal Island Lord and Bloodshed God Emperor. Thus, they would have a combat power close to that of a paragon. But Purple-gowned Hex Emperor had truly depended on himself. He threw himself entirely into researching hex poisons, and it was normal for him to spend tens of billions of years researching in one go.

    "I have never thought that Your Highness knows my name too. Haha, I haven't left for a long time. Your Highness, right now, it isn't the time to chat. Shall I bring Your highness off first? Nine Yang is catching up soon." Purple-gowned Hex Emperor said.

    "There's no need to trouble Hex Emperor." Xue Ying smiled.

    Purple-gowned Hex Emperor shook his head lightly, "It's not troublesome."

    The moment he finished speaking, Xue Ying felt a wave of dizziness. Fortunately, he cultivated the "Extreme Annihilation Mysterious Body", allowing his body to reach a very tyrannical stage, and was much stronger than even powerful existences. His ability to withstand had increased very much too. Even though something created a spell of dizziness, he could still maintain his consciousness. It was not hard for a soldier from the Destruction Legion to be captured.

    "Not good." Xue Ying rapidly retreated.

    "Mn?" Purple-gowned Hex Emperor was startled. Even ordinary powerful existences would fall unconscious, yet this Xue Ying could resist it? This body's ability to resist the power of hex poison was kind of too strong already¡­?

    The moment Xue Ying retreated, his speed immediately accelerated.

    When Purple-gowned Hex Emperor tried grabbing out, it took some time, though it was too late.


    A cold teenager came flying over from afar. His face was filled with killing intent as he swept across that Dried Tree Old Mother. Dried Tree Old Mother had instead stood there by the side of Purple-gowned Hex Emperor, chuckling, "Old granny has sought Hex Emperor, so Palace Head, I can't help you anymore."

    Nine Yang Palace Head looked towards Purple-gowned Hex Emperor with a cold expression, gowling, "Purple-gown, you want to fight against me too? You have always been researching on hex poison, yet you still want to grab a true god weapon?"

    "Every single true god weapon belongs to a dao of its own. Currently, I am stuck in a bottleneck and can't break through any more. As long as I could borrow some pointers from it, it might possibly provide me with some inspiration to take that next step." Purple-gowned Hex Emperor's face which was filled with violet deity marks chuckled, "Nine Yang, you have an absolute art from the Temporal Island Lord, but if you were to truly fight with me, most likely, I will still be the one to bring His Highness Dong Bo away. So I suggest for you to give up."

    "Is that so?" The killing intent within Nine Yang Palace Head's eyes surged.

    The two were facing each other.

    The terrifying aura caused even the surrounding Dried Tree Old Mother and Sovereign Ze Nuo to feel their hearts tightening. These two had tyrannical combat powers, with that close to a paragon. Ordinary powerful existences could not fight against them.

    "You should know that your chances are low." Purple-gowned Hex Emperor remained indifferent.

    Nine Yang PAlace Head's killing intent had instead become even stronger.

    He knew that the two combat powers were comparable, but Purple-gowned Hex Poison had reached his level step by step, and he had no absolute arts either. His combat power relied on many different techniques! Like some avatar techniques of his were much stronger than that of the Nine Yang Palace Head, and Nine Yang Palace Head understood in his heart that if the two were to compete in capturing Xue Ying, his own success rate would not exceed 10%.

    "It seems I still have to act." Purple-gowned Hex Emperor's golden eyes were filled with countless patterns flowing. The surrounding laws of the world could clearly be seen by him. His killing intent began surging.

    And in the distant, Xue Ying felt the incoming threat. He transmitted a message, "Big Brother Huo Cheng, I am unable to hold on these two fellows anymore!"


    A figure appeared by the side of Xue Ying. It was none other than Paragon Huo Cheng.

    "Leave the rest to me. Rest assure, I'll end this quickly."

    Paragon Huo Cheng grinned, revealing his white teeth.

    He then walked over, stepping on the void. And the distant Nine Yang Palace Head and Purple-gowned Hex Emperor suddenly felt an intense feeling of danger at the same time as if there was an enormous sun star incoming, causing the two to turn over. They only saw a figure bathed in surging flames stepping across the void walking over. His figure was so grand, and he was dressed simply, revealing his skin of scarlet red, red hair, red beard and red brows as if he was a ruler amidst the flames.

    Both his eyes looked over. That pair of eyes felt as if an endless volcano was hidden within.

    "Paragon Huo Cheng!" Purple-gowned Hex Emperor and Nine Yang Palace Head were both startled.

    Paragon Huo Cheng was a very ancient paragon existence. His teacher was also the very first ruler in the Deity world and Abyss, 'Primal Master'. Paragon Huo Cheng had lived for far too long, and his combat power was extremely powerful. Before Monarch Green and the others had even rose, Paragon Huo Cheng was one of the few powerful paragons already. That time, Pang Yi had to even stand behind.

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying is my brother, my life and death brother!" Paragon Huo Cheng's entire body was bathing in raging flames. His eyes were releasing a might that felt heaven-shattering.

    "Are you all planning to scram yourselves? Or should I beat you all till you scram?" Paragon Huo Cheng's voice felt like thunder, rolling over.