Chapter 555: Capture
     Chapter 555: Capture

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    The elderly lady leaving on the wooden walking stick also turned into a beam of light, flying within the serene, ice-cold icy cave tunnel, and her long hair speedily grew, turning into strand after strand of brown tree roots. The tree roots immediately snapped apart, altogether breaking into nine tree roots. These nine tree roots separately also became gray robed elderly ladies.

    These nine gray robed elderly ladies also rapidly flew, splitting apart immediately along the side roads, continuously pressing in from different directions.

    "Heng heng heng." There was a hidden coldness within the eyes of Dried Tree Old Mother, "Little brat, let's see where you flee to this time!"

    Nine Yang Palace Head, Prison Dragon Emperor, and Red Transient Empress also closed in on Xue Ying from their respective positions. They had waited this long, so naturally they were willing to let Xue Ying flee once again.


    Within the Ice-cold icy tunnel, Xue Ying was not the least bit nervous, and exposed a smile, enjoying this elegant world. In the last trial of the Destruction Legion, he had been allowed to go through a heart-seeking trip for ten-thousand years, and let his mental state become even more pure and alert, even more unaffected by outside disturbances.

    "Xue Ying, I sense that the five of Nine Yang Palace Head are currently approaching, and amongst them the one arriving the fastest is Dried Tree Old Mother. Both her True Body as well as her nine avatars are all drawing near, and amongst them one of the avatars will arrive soon." Monarch Mo Xue warned him from within the inner world.


    Xing also knew of Dried Tree Old Mother's avatar technique, but since he had chosen to exit, and he wanted to leave together with Jing Qiu, he had long since had preparations for being surrounded.

    Regardless of all, he continued to advance along the predetermined route.

    "Suddenly, Xue Ying's ears slightly twitched. His ears heard some minute fluctuations, which was the space vibrations caused by ultra high speed flight. This made the corner of Xue Ying's mouth curl up into a smile: "Come."

    "Your Highness Dong Bo, don't flee, come along with his old woman!" A gray robed elderly lady flew over from directly in front of him, yet there was a trace of excitement and expectedness on her wrinkled and old face, he truly had been discovered by her.

    Yet Xue Ying completely did not pay attention to her, flipping and extending his right hand, a scarlet red spear appeared in his hand.

    "Heng heng heng, You still want to struggle? Why don't you let Mo Xue out, he can still fight a little with me. As for your highness Dong Bo, perhaps when you become a stage four world deity you will be able to fight a little with this old woman, but now, you cannot blame this old woman." The grey robed elderly lady extended her right arm, and her dried right hand immediately became countless root hairs, and these twisting tree roots were densely packed, almost blocking the entire corridor, directly stretching towards Xue Ying, wanting to directly capture Xue Ying with one move.

    Seeing the countless unavoidable tree root hairs stretching over, Xue Ying wrinkled his brows, then waved his left hand.


    A turbulent light purple blaze directly rushed forth, as if a huge fiery dragon flew out from the palm of Xue Ying's hands. At the same time, the temperature within the icy cave rapidly increased, and the ice layer immediately began to melt, melting into a stream. The stream also continued to rise into a steam. The steam existed only for an instant before instantly evaporating and turning into nothingness.

    The cavern's changes were very fast, and the cavern that was originally encased in layers of ice, were very soon melted away, exposing its true face, a huge rough tunnel.

    It was slow to speak of.

    This light purple fire dragon immediately had already pounced onto the innumerable tree root hairs, both of them covering the earth and skies.

    "Ah~~~" The gray robed old lady immediately let out a shout, and countless root hairs were burned up in practically an instant. Some of these relatively tender tree roots were even ignited, and only the few thickest main roots were able to barely hold on. But this kind of sharp pain made the gray robed elderly lady let out an expression of startled anger. Those tree roots then hurriedly retreated, but the light purple flame still did not let her off, completely enveloping her body, burning her so that the gray robed old lady let out a pained cry.


    Although this was merely an avatar, for better or worse, this was practically this strength of a powerful existence!

    Who would think that she would be incomparably painfully burnt, and instantly placed at an absolute disadvantage!

    "The strength of this Ten Apocalyptic Fire truly isn't bad." Xue Ying inwardly praised, The seventh layer of the Ten Apocalyptic fire was something that only stage four world deities could cultivate under normal circumstances, but because of the trial of the destruction legion, Xue Ying was made to spend this much to to cultivate it. It's difficulty was even higher than the fourth turn of the third chapter of "Luminous Sun", and its power was extremely outstanding. As a world deity ranked secret technique that neared an Absolute art, after cultivating the seventh layer, one's strength would be near to a powerful existence, relying just on the flame!

    Furthermore, the gray robed old lady was specialized in tree root wood.

    It just happened to be restrained by flames!

    This flame's power was large enough, it restrained her, and what she sent was only an avatar, so naturally she was hit without the slightest power to retaliate.

    "Wu wu wu." The hurting Gray Robed Elderly Lady could only turn to flee, if she spent a little more time, this avatar would perhaps be burnt into ashes.

    "Your Highness Dong Bo, you cannot flee, stop struggling." The Gray Robed Old Lady yelled out as she fled.

    "Dried Tree Old Mother, I'm afraid that it's not enough with your strength." Xue Ying calmly said, his voice reverberating inside the extremely changed rough tunnel.

    At this time, Mo Xue immediately reminded him from within the inner world: "Sovereign Ze Nuo is currently approaching, and Dried Tree Old Mother's true body is also approaching, and Nine Yang Palace head will also be soon.

    "I understand." Xue Ying nodded, and continued to rapidly advance.

    In merely a breath of time.


    A huge and majesty rock giant with flames burning on his entire body appeared in front of them. This rock giant let out a vigorous roar:" Your Highness Dong Bo, it would be better that you wait with your hands tied." As a lava giant that came from the Dark Abyss, Sovereign Ze Nuo was very confident in his strength. His right palm directly streaked across the sky, his palm rapidly becoming large, directly grabbing towards Xue Ying.

    On this huge palm, flames rose up, its might making even space and time faintly solidify. Not only was his strength extremely strong, even his boundary was extremely high.

    "Sovereign Ze Nuo, why does one from the Dark Abyss needlessly meddle with the affairs of the Deity World?" Xue Ying waved the spear in his hand, and while the spear was being waved, it caused the space to warp, and simultaneously the spear's handle explosively became long, and in nearly a split second, the speartip directly struck onto the surrounding huge rock palm.

    Sovereign Ze Nuo couldn't help but slightly curl up his mouth, to meet force with force?

    One had to know that he had a strength that rivalved a powerful existence. His boundary was originally very high, but his strength was his largest advantage. When other experts of the same level fought with him, they would not meet force with force.

    In fights, one had to use their advantages, avoiding their weak points.

    This brimming with potential, yet still young and tender Highness Xue Ying unexpectedly met force with force against Sovereign Ze Nuo?

    "Hong Long Long~~~"

    Sovereign Ze Nuo's complexion suddenly greatly changed.

    He sensed a incomparably vast strength from within the spear that made him faintly feel frightened, which far exceeded his strength! In practically a split second, a crack appeared in his huge palm, and Xue Ying's spear directly struck onto his palm, and following that directly crushed towards him, hitting onto his body, and he could only then use his other hand to simultaneously block.

    His huge body was hit so that his body was turned into flowing light and flew out with a Sou, and he heavily struck onto the ice layer of the icey tunnel, and more than thirty three meters of the layers of ice were completely shattered, and his burning body struck the black mountain stone.

    Sovereign Ze Nuo was stunned and unable to react for a moment, looking at the far-off Xue Ying holding a spear.

    He, Sovereign Ze Nuo of the Dark Abyss.

    An existence comparable to a powerful existence~

    With the strength he was incredibly proud of, he was unexpectedly completely crushed.

    "Meeting force with force against me?" Xue Ying took back his spear, feeling the destructive power surging inside his body. Luminous Sun energy was the most yang and most firm and incomparably fierce. The destruction legion's soldier's absolute art "Extreme Annihilation Mysterious Body" was more to cultivate the body to an extremely fierce degree, and its strength and speed were also extremely tough. When both of them were combined, Xue Ying's strength directly soared to that of a powerful existence.

    His boundary was only a stage three world deity, and his boundary was far worse compared to Sovereign Ze Nuo, and even more compared to powerful existences.

    But why would he have the battle strength of a powerful existence?

    It was that his strength and speed were too terrifying! It was so terrifying that it completely made up his deficiency of his boundary.

    If Sovereign Ze Nuo competed with one who had grasped an absolute art, a soldier of the ancient, most terrifying legion of the cosmos epoch, the 'Destruction Legion'? That was simply asking for disgrace! If he used his boundary to contend with Xue Ying, he would be able to last a little, but frontally meeting force with force, he was directly crushed!