Chapter 537: Father Monarch Mo Xue
     Chapter 537: Father Monarch Mo Xue

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    Come to speak of it, in reality Xue Ying had only experienced a battle of blood and fire.

    "Dong Bo" Jing Qiu was incomparably moved, she had still believed that she was the only one alive of the team this time.

    "I'm coming, where are you?" Xue Ying inquired

    "I just got the True God Weapon" Jing Qiu transmitted.

    "Good, just wait there for me, I'll come over." Xue Ying transmitted, "Back then when I split up from you, I gambled a little, and received some benefits. Now that I am at the ordinary area of Lake Heart Island, I will not suffer any attacks."


    Xue Ying rushed forth with the limit of his speed. His journey was unhindered, and there were not any black armored that came to ambush him. He was also worried, worried that during this period his wife Jing Qiu would suffer an ambush.

    "It's still fine"

    A short while later, Xue Ying finally saw the incomparably cold, silver haired, masked woman in the distance, and couldn't help but let out a breath of air.

    "Dong Bo" Jing Qiu exclaimed, with joy in her voice.

    "Jing Qiu, I'll send you out first." Xue Ying said, "go find a place near the border of the lake heart Island to temporarily reside."

    "Oh?" Jing Qiu was somewhat puzzled.

    Xue Ying faintly smiled, and explained the matter in detail, the situation of the 'Blood Fire Door', as well as a few benefits of passing through the selection trials.

    After Jing Qiu finished listening, she couldn't help but let out a smile, "No longer an intruder? As a guest of the Lake Heart Island, this time Lake Heart Island you'll be much more safe."

    "En." Xue Ying nodded, "Originally I was not sure of saving your father, but now I have a strand of confidence, but not matter all, everything is because of this True God Weapon! The True God Weapon is too precious, and cannot be lost. I'll first send you outside the Lake Heart Island¡­ wait outside there! I will go alone to rescue him."

    Jing Qiu thought a while, then nodded in approvement.

    By reason, she understood, this was the most suitable, as her following along would not be helpful.

    "Then let's go." Xue Ying waved his hand, and directly took his wife inside his inner world.

    A world deities inner world was incredibly vast, and had many uses such as guiding a person's to reconstruct their fleshly body, and after becoming a powerful existence, their inner world would be completely perfected, and even be capable of creating life by itself, letting countless creatures reproduce and live.


    Following that, Xue Ying immediately began to return.

    For safety, he returned by the same road from which he came, as this road was more remote, and the existences on the level of Nine Yang Palace Head and Dried Tree Old Mother would not seal and probe such a remote area.


    "Hu." He charged out of the cave tunnel from which he arrived.

    The outside was an expanse of ice and frost.

    In the instance, there were boundless layers of water.

    Xue Ying waved his hand, and Jing Qiu appeared beside him.

    "We just exited so effortlessly." Jing Qiu looked towards the surroundings, and couldn't help let out a cheerful look, "I was worried that there would be dangers on the way back."

    "Before we came across Monarch Armadillo Jade here, but now they are already¡­" Xue Ying softly shook his head, "Fortunately, we have now discovered the way to exit safely, and when the time comes we can bring back their blood refined deity warriors, so that their losses are minimal. That's right, Jing Qiu, you should go look for a place to seclude yourself nearby first."

    "En." Jing Qiu nodded.

    Breaking through the water layer would take too much time, and it would be too dangerous for Jing Qiu alone, so naturally they would temporarily find a safe place in the surroundings of the island.

    Very soon.

    In the depths of a tall mountain, Jing Qiu waved her hand and created an ice room condensed from world deity energy, and the surroundings were isolated from the detection of laws.

    "The entire Heart Lake Island is incomparably big, and added together, there's only a tiny amount of stage four world deities and powerful existences here, so there's not much probability that someone will pass through here! Even if they pass by, they would be unable to use their world deity domain, as i've isolated this place from all detection of laws. They simply won't be able to find me here." Jing Qiu was rather confident.

    "Alright." Xue Ying waved his hand, and left the treasures left behind by Monarch Armadillo Jade and the others as well as the Calamity Stone Essence to his wife. As for goods on the level of the Scarlet Cloud Spear and Ink Character Tablet, he carried on his person.

    The Scarlet Cloud Spear held his personal strength a great deal, and the Ink Character Tablet was a reward from the selection test, and might have uses in the Lake Heart Island.

    "Then I'll be leaving first." Xue Ying said, "You should quickly contact your father, and havehim meet up with me."

    "En." Jing Qiu was somewhat worried, "You be a little careful, Nine Yang Palace Head, Dried Tree Old Mother, and the other three surely are also using the laws of karma to trace my father, and my father is using the laws of karma to try to maintain his distance from them! Once you meet up with my father and try to return home, I'm afraid there will be dangers."

    "Don't worry, in any case the important treasures have all been left here." Xue Ying smiled.

    Nine Yang Palace Head and the others, were either powerful existences, or stage four world deities that were comparable to powerful existences.

    Monarch Mo Xue was also comparable to a powerful existence.

    Each of them were very proficient in karma.

    By using 'Karma' they would be able to confirm the relative locations of each other! This was also the reason that Nine Yang Palace Head and the others found it difficult to pursue Monarch Mo Xue, as Monarch Mo Xue knew when they approached, therefore he would stubbornly head towards the interior. With the caverns and side paths in the interior the direction was not certain. They could clearly confirm which direction Monarch Mo Xue was in, but following the cavern tunnels continuously lead them in other directions.

    "I'll be going first." Xue Ying smiled, then immediately speedily went away.

    Jing Qiu distantly looked at him, her long silver hair fluttering, with expectation silently in her heart.

    She hoped that this time they would be able to succeed, that her husband would be able to successfully bring her father out.


    The black robed, white haired, and white-bearded old man was relaxedly sitting on a protruding chunk of ice, using the detection of karma, he could detect threads of karma in the midst of nothingness connected to different directions. Amongst them there was a relatively coarse thread of karma that extended to an area more than one billion meters away, but that area was an expanse of primal chaos, and it was impossible to carefully monitor it.

    Monarch Mo Xue was very clear, the reason why he was in an expanse of primal chaos was because that expanse of primal chaos isolated all detection of laws.

    "Heng heng, want to chase me?"

    "I've cultivated many years, and am proficient in the law of karma. In the interior of the Lake Heart Island the arrangement is also profound and strange. Wanting to catch up to me?" Monarch Mo Xue coldly laughed, then immediately looked around him. Around him was a completely empty mountainside. The mountainside and mountain walls contained eight caverns leading to different directions in total. Monarch Mo Xue showed a trace of a smile, "I, Mo Xue, have never gone this deep into the Lake Heart Island."

    Within the information that he had received, there was not even a little bit recorded of this.

    Because he was far too deep.

    In this kind of place, perhaps only those on the level of the three ancestors or even a True God Ruler would dare to enter. It was because Monarch Mo Xue was fleeing for his life that he was unconcerned, crazily randomly entering.

    "Father." Jing Qiu's transmission.

    Monarch Mo Xue immediately exposed a smile, the thing that he was happiest about was that his eldest daughter had unexpectedly successfully reincarnated, and had awakened her memory to become a stage four world deity. This made Monarch Mo Xue incomparably happy. Even if he died, he would have no regrets. What made him even happier was that, his daughter's previous incarnation simply disdained males, but after being reincarnated, before even becoming a deity, she had unexpectedly already married to a young man of a material, mortal world.

    Furthermore, this young man had extremely high talent, as was directly received by the Bloodshed God emperor as a direct disciple.

    He has happy, delighted, and felt that even if he died, there was not much to worry about! Furthermore, he himself had truly lived too, too long, and had long accepted it, therefore at the final moments he had entered the Lake Heart Island ruins to fight and adventure a little. For a True God Weapon, even if he fell out with Nine Yang Palace Head, he would not hesitate!

    As long as he could give this True God Weapon to his daughter, it would be too perfect. With a true god weapon, the chances of his daughter becoming a powerful existence would largely increase, and she had an even more formidable husband, who Mo Xue believed would surely be able to surpass himself in the future, truly transcend, and become a powerful existence.

    "My obedient daughter, is something the matter?" Monarch Mo Xue carefreely chatted with his daughter.

    "Father, I've already obtained the True God Weapon, and am now safely waiting on the outside of the Lake Heart Island." Jing Qiu transmitted.

    Monarch Mo Xue Ying suddenly both happy and shocked.

    They had unexpectedly succeeded?

    "Xue Ying is currently in the interior of the Lake Heart Island, waiting to come rescue you, father! Tell me your general location, so I can tell Xue Ying." Jing Qiu said.

    "He's coming to rescue me?" Monarch Mo Xue Frowned, then immediately transmitted, "My obedient daughter, don't waste your energy! I'm already at the extreme depth of the Lake Heart Island, which is too dangerous to Xue Ying! You two children shouldn't bother, lead your husband to immediately depart."