Chapter 472: Secret Technique
     Chapter 472: Secret Technique

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    Xue Ying once again activated the command token in his hand, and his consciousness returned into the Sealed World Pagoda's 351st level world.

    The world was as vast as before, with the countless sculptures initially still. Once Xue Ying began descending, the sculptures again gradually woke up.


    Xue Ying shot up into the sky, looking all around him. As he deliberately searched huge rocks with the images imprinted on them, it didn't take long for him to discover them and begin memorizing them one by one. That was when the many sculpture warriors came rushing over to him, and he began working together with his three mirage bodies to fight one of the sculpture warriors.

    His previous defeat had been too quick. However, he now understood that he lost any chance to resist as soon as he was surrounded by the sculptures. Therefore, he decided it would be best to quickly put in all of his strength to fight one of them as soon as he entered!

    Hu~ That sculpture warrior released a fierce slash, devoid of any unusual effects. That simple flash of a blade was enough to leave two mirage bodies heavily injured, followed by them immediate crumbling apart. Xue Ying's true body took this opportunity to execute a move together with his last mirage body. One used Chaotic Suppression, the other Star Meteor Annihilation!

    Hua! The spear's shaft started bending from its revolution, and it was followed by the illusory images created by the Star Meteor Annihilation. The spear rubbed against the back of the blade and then struck the sculpture right in its chest. Its heavy armor trembled, and even showed vague signs of cracking.

    Peng. Xue Ying's other attack instead lashed out against the sculpture warrior's back, which was flung backward. However, it didn't seem to be the least bit injured.

    What? On top its strong attacks, it even has such a formidable body defense? Xue Ying was truly startled.


    That short exchange of moves was enough to give time for many more sculpture warriors to charge over, overwhelming Xue Ying within mere moments. Xue Ying was struggling at death's door, switching positions with his mirage bodies all the while and doing his utmost to observe the offensive techniques used by the warriors. Even so, it only took five to six breaths worth of time for him to once again die.

    "Mn." Still seated cross-legged within the cultivation room, Xue Ying nodded. These sculpture warriors may use various weapons, but they all employ the same secret technique, and a truly powerful technique at that. All their moves and styles seem ordinary despite being stronger than any of my own skills!

    This secret technique gives off a vague taste of the Chaotic Deity Heart.

    From the looks of it, cultivating in this world will likely be helpful toward grasping the Chaotic Deity Heart. Xue Ying understood his teacher's intention.

    The information transmitted by the Bloodshed God Emperor was still hovering inside Xue Ying's mind. It included many pointers to aid in his cultivation, and it was split into two parts¡ªthe Chaotic Deity Heart and, respectively, the World Deity Heart. There was no issue with the World Deity Heart, since he could understand everything from a single glance. He had, after all, already condensed the World Deity Heart. As a result, he spent most of his time trying to figure out his teacher's guidance regarding the Chaotic Deity Heart.

    While he experienced that guidance, he was also battling within the 351st level of the Sealed World Pagoda.

    Time flowed on, and he finally acquired the complete secret techniques from all the huge rocks within the world! At that point, he discovered that the sculpture warriors were only displaying a mere part of the full secret technique; they were not using it at its true power. After all, if they were to fully display it, he would not even get the chance to struggle against them! On top of that, this partial display of its might was still enough to give him a feel for it during the close-combat struggles.

    Battling was also a way of learning.


    If spending time in the 351st level world while learning how to fight the enemies seemed taxing and slower in terms of progress made, the situation on the 95th level world was entirely different.

    This world appeared to be a lush forest.

    Xue Ying looked all around him to see many sculpture warriors begin awakening amidst the countless trees extending to the heavens. Other than that, the same trees hid a large number of big rocks with mysterious images imprinted on them.

    "Kill." The sculpture warriors awakened completely. The first one to wake up stepped on a huge tree before leaping over in a flash while also beginning to flutter the long whip in its hand.



    The whip followed an arc across the sky, and within moments, it formed thousands of illusions that enveloped Xue Ying completely, preventing him from escaping.

    "Kill." A different sculpture warrior charged over, immediately taking out the sword from its scabbard.

    This demonic sword light moved through the sky like a coiling finger, flickering in space as it looped around Xue Ying.

    "Kill!" One more sculpture warrior began waving a big hammer, which it ruthlessly smashed over toward Xue Ying. Hong long long~ A black aura followed alongside the hammer wherever it passed, which them condensed around Xue Ying's position and shrouded him from sight.

    All those sculpture warriors could attack from afar! Countless sword lights overwhelming Xue Ying, countless blade lights struck wantonly¡­

    Fortunately, there would only ever be a total of ten sculptures launching attacks at any time, so Xue Ying could barely resist them. The defenses of the sculpture warriors on this level were not as strong as the others, but he could still only barely kill one. He then held on for another two breaths worth of time before he was restricted from all sides and was summarily killed.

    Back in the Xia Clan world, inside Crimson Rock Mountain.

    This secret technique¡­?

    Xue Ying only had to enter the 95th level world twice before completely memorizing the secret technique, and he had even begun comprehending and learning it. However, he acted as if he did not understand an iota within the Sealed World Pagoda, since him learning it too fast would give rise to suspicions, which might lead to someone easily seeing through his falsity.

    It is not yet the right moment to reveal my World Deity Heart, Xue Ying thought. I must keep my vigilance. For now, I can't even inform teacher about it."

    The safest secret is one that only one person knows!

    He had great trust in his teacher, the Bloodshed God Emperor, but his enemy was from the Temporal Island.

    The Temporal Island, the Bloodshed God Palace, and the Myriad God Palace¡­these three powerful organizations held great hatred for one another, and it was common to see conflict occur between them! Even assassinations or slaughter conducted by powerful existences were frequently seen. Instances of powerful existences of the Temporal Island killing one of the inner disciples of Bloodshed God Emperor were seen as small matters that everyone had already become numb to. If, however, someone were to kill one of the Bloodshed God Emperor's personal disciples, the Temporal Island would certainly be delighted to hear it.


    He had to be vigilant.

    I must wait until I grasp the Chaotic Deity Heart. By then, I'll already be a stage two World Deity, Xue Ying thought. At that level, powerful existences can no longer kill me with a single thought. The only ones who can kill me are my teacher, the Temporal Island Lord, and the Myriad God Palace Head.

    With how powerful these three great existences were, they would not stain their reputation and identity just to deal with a tiny junior.

    The only beings he truly had to be careful of were the ordinary powerful existences.

    Even normal powerful existences could sense him hiding in the Material World with a single thought and kill him just the same! Xue Ying would have nowhere to hide, and even the Bloodshed God Emperor's protection would mean nothing.

    Take it slow¡­ Xue Ying was very patient. He had a boundless future and wasn't in any hurry. Naturally, he would take whatever step was more steady while still allowing =him to stay free from the influence of others.

    I'll just learn this secret technique first.

    Xue Ying stood alone under a huge tree, its crimson tree leaves fluttering all about the place.

    Spear in hand, he began slowly displaying the secret technique, experiencing the Profound Mysteries behind it. Gradually, strands of air stream began revolving around his spear. This breeze was full of vigor, and even a towering mountain seemed like it would be shattered by a strand of its aura. At that point, the stream of air started to envelop the surrounding space and then disperse out to the area around Crimson Dust Island.

    The countless streams of air moved unhindered for more than a hundred million kilometers away. Under the influence of this surging force revolving about, those sculpture warriors back in the Sealed World Pagoda would most likely be killed within moments!

    I've only just comprehended the first step and have yet to completely finish the technique. However, this domain move is exquisite indeed, and its focus is in a different direction than the domain secret skill which I crafted, the World Prison, Xue Ying thought. Having grasped hold of the World Deity Heart for so many years, he already created a few secret skills based on the World Deity Heart, one of them being a domain-related secret skill he named 'World Prison.'

    The skill was focused on oppressing and trapping his opponents.

    But what he was currently learning in the Sealed World Pagoda was originally part of an absolute art, which gave Xue Ying hints as to a new direction he could follow.

    Hu hu hu~

    Xue Ying sat down in a cross-legged position under the big tree. He rested his spear on his knees and started cultivating calmly. Those countless streams of air that moved unhindered for more than a hundred million kilometers within the Crimson Dust Island were now condensing more and more, akin to the criss-crossing of dragon-snakes.