Chapter 459: Descent of the Diety Warriors
     Chapter 459: Descent of the Diety Warriors

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    The 325 Deity experts still fighting in the range of mountains looked upward all at once, toward the thirty dazzling streams of bloody light descending upon various locations in the mountain range.

    "The Deity warriors are descending!"

    "It's the Deity warriors!"

    "Quickly now; this is our final chance. We have to snatch one." At that moment, every last Deity expert was in a mad rush toward the stream closest to them. Even the seven grade one Deity Heart experts tried their best to get a Deity warrior. Xue Ying immediately entered the Mirage to chase the nearest one.

    The Bloodshed God Palace Battle was split into two distinct parts. The first marked the time before the descent of the Deity warriors and was also known as the early phase! The second phase started once the Deity warriors descended and was known as the late phase!

    "All thirty of those Bloody Slaughter Deity warriors descended where the lowest ranked participants are." The White Sand City Lord looked up, sighing. "Teacher truly tries very hard to give even them a chance to struggle."

    "What's this about him trying hard? Isn't he just trying to make the battle more interesting and its final outcome harder to predict?" King Rong Hai laughed to the side. "Old Brother White Sand, I can see that you're boasting about every tiny thing His Majesty does, but that doesn't mean he'll let you go back to his side."

    The White Sand City Lord took on a solemn tone as he said, "I would naturally want to get back my status as a disciple under His Majesty, but I've committed a grave mistake. I am already truly happy and thankful that teacher let me go with my life! Furthermore, I was not even boasting. Considering teacher's combat power, he should see no need in letting those Deities get a last struggle, but he had still convened this grand feast just to give these brats a chance at soaring to the skies, even giving them a chance to enjoy a Myriad Flower True Fruit. If this isn't charity, then what is?"

    "Alright, alright."

    "Let's not speak of that anymore."

    Marshal Qin and the others kept their mouths shut after that. They knew that the White Sand City Lord would absolutely not speak bad about anything His Majesty ever did. He'd always been looking for a way to return back to His Majesty's side, but after he was chased away once, would the decision of his exile be so easily changed?

    "That Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior landed too far from Dong Bo. He might not manage snatching it." The Xia Clan Deities and Jing Qiu were nervously watching the battle.

    "In all the previous Bloodshed God Palace Battles, the Bloody Slaughter Deity warriors would always land near the weaker Deity experts," the Purple Thunder Emperor explained. "They've also been personally refined by His Majesty, so they are, without doubt, extraordinary in power. Any participant of this battle, even the Deities with grade one Deity Hearts, will perish from the slightest scratch inflicted by these weapons."

    "These Deity warriors can raise one's combat power to a whole new level."

    The Bloody Slaughter Deity warriorˇ­ Xue Ying had done his best to arrive as soon as possible, but he had started out too far away. A full fifteen people that were closer than him had also rushed over as fast as they could, and it was not long before they arrived at a certain towering mountain. Xue Ying could do nothing but watch wide-eyed as a black-armored man grabbed a blood-colored circular stone located halfway through the mountain.

    The very moment he grabbed it, the stone rapidly transformed, taking on the shape of a long, bloody saber.

    "Hahahaˇ­" The black-armored man holding the blood-colored saber was in an exuberant at mood. "I've got one! I might be ranked lower than 500th at the moment, but with this Deity warrior, I might even get into the top hundred."

    The man swept surveyed his surroundings to see five other Deities begin to decelerate.


    "Who could've known you'd be faster than us by a single step."

    "Let's go." Those five Deity experts turned around and left. As members of the same team this black-armored man was a part of, they had set down oaths to not hurt fellow teammates. Without such an oath, would they have had any peace of mind as teammates? Now that the black-armored man snatched the Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior, they naturally chose to leave.


    "Surround and kill him."

    "Grab that Deity warrior." While those five Deities had turned to leave, the others were still rushing over snatch the weapon away from the man.

    The black-armored man simply sneered. "If you're not afraid of death, then come!" With a single step, he teleported away, even going past the boundary of that towering mountain. Another step left him at the side of a venomous bug. His saber only flashed once, and the hard shell of that violet-armored bug was cut through without any sign of resistance, leaving behind a gash. The black-armored man stepped backward, watching the violet-shelled bug struggle in mid-air before finally falling back to the earth.

    One move had been enough to kill a violet-shelled bug!

    There was nobody who would dare confront someone who held a Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior in straight-up combat. Their body touching that weapon directly meant instant death!

    I've got to get my hands on that Deity warrior. Xue Ying rapidly approached the scene. Each of those weapons is so powerful that a single strike using it is enough to kill a venomous bug! With that pace of dealing with the bugs, someone could easily get into the top hundred. I might be ranked 16th now, but if I were to be eliminated prematurely, the others would keep rising in rank and eventually pass me by.

    It was very difficult for a participant to secure a spot in the top hundred without one such Deity warrior.

    That was because they allowed their user to slaughter with great efficiency. Even if they were then surrounded and killed in the end, their ranking would still be high.



    "Don't let him escape."

    Many of the black armored man's pursuer began to act.

    A pair of green shackles moved across the sky, followed by countless more. They quickly enveloped the fleeing man, causing his expression to pale.

    "I'm afraid your survival capabilities are too weak. You're not qualified to hold on to that Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior," a grand voice resounded. A large number of black wheels surrounded the black-armored man to launch a joint attack on his position.

    "Die!" A violet stream of light immediately tore through anything in its path to arrive before the black-armored man.

    The Bloody Slaughter Deity warriors truly were formidable weapons, but they still had to at least come into contact with the enemy. At the moment, the Deity experts were either displaying powerful self-created magic spells or attacking from afar with various weapons. None dared come too close to him!

    On top of that, all of this black-armored man's pursuers were currently teaming up against him without any prior agreement.

    "You want to kill me?" the black-armored man hollered. His body techniques were erratically put on display, while that blood-colored saber's length rapidly expanded to more than five thousand kilometers. Once it reached that size, he began to swipe it rampantly all around, shua shua shua! His saber techniques were truly formidable. For the moment, those countless bloody saber lights were pushing out in a tyrannical manner, putting those Deities in a position where they could do nothing but dodge and keep their distance.

    Having survived up until that moment meant the combat power the black-armored man was capable of using was not much weaker than the others'. He also had a World Deity ranked secret technique; he would not die just from a few casual strikes! Meanwhile, those other Deity experts were certain to perish upon coming into contact with his saber.

    The pursuers were doing their best to resist his attacks, while he did his best to flee. At the moment, the black-armored man was triying to think of some way to rid himself of the Deities following him.

    This is bad. The black-armored man suddenly spotted a figure moving toward his direction. As soon as the figure crossed the boundary of the towering mountain region, the black-armored man could clearly tell who that was. That's Dong Bo, from the Calm Sea Prefecture!

    After the five Deities decided to give up on their pursuit, only a total of twelve Deities, including Xue Ying, were now truly going after the black-armored man! Furthermore, the large distance between them made it so Xue Ying and the others had not yet caught up to him, so only seven people had acted against him until that point! That was, seven Deities jointly attacking, none of them daring to go into close combat, and only sending in attacks from afar. In such conditions, they could only display a combat power of 60-70% of their full potential at best. The rampant strikes of the Blood Slaughter Deity warrior left them extremely vigilant, so the amount of combat power they could unleash was even lower than norma. In addition, they were working together for the very first time, so they could not coordinate very well. It was only normal that they would find it difficult to kill the black-armored man.

    Not good at all. The black-armored man was now using all his power to flee. The threat Xue Ying alone posed was much higher than that of the other seven combined.

    After all, the other seven might be comparable in combat power to Xue Ying, but they would never dare approach him carelessly!

    But Xue Ying did! Using his three Mirage bodies, he had no reason to fear anything. Seeing how he had no reason to fear the Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior, Xue Ying was very dangerous.

    Even so, despite the black-armored man's desperate attempt to escape, the other seven were preventing him from doing so.

    Shua shua shua.

    Xue Ying finally arrived at the towering mountain region where the black-armored man was. With a single thought from his part, three teenagers dressed in starry-blue robes appeared right next to the black-armored man. Pu pu puˇ­ Saber lights and spear images flashed all about. Unlike the true body, Xue Ying's mirage bodies would simply condense once more after getting injured, which allowed him to put his combat power on full display. Without a care for defense, the mirage bodies were frantically attacking, successfully suppressing the black-armored man within moments. It wasn't long before a spear stabbed all the way through the man's abdomen.

    When not taking Jiu She into account, Xue Ying was absolutely the most powerful participant from the Calm Sea Prefecture!

    Meanwhile, the black-armored man had been closest to the Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior, so the Bloodshed God Emperor had clearly determined him to be amongst the weakest participants in terms of combat power. In the Calm Sea Prefecture, the black-armored man would not have ranked higher than 30th at best. With how ineffective the Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior was against the Mirage bodies, and in a 'one'-on-one fight, it was only natural that the black-armored man would be suppressed!

    "We can't let Dong Bo get his hands on the Deity Warrior." The other seven Deities went into panic upon seeing this happen. They were certain of stopping the black-armored man from fleeing, but now, they had to obstruct Xue Ying.

    Once Xue Ying got the Deity warrior, he would be so much more dangerous than the black-armored man from before.

    At that point, four other Deities were still approaching them from behind.

    "We should all work together," the four Deities transmitted to one another in unison. The thought of how hard it would become to get the Deity warrior back once it was obtained by Xue Ying left them distressed.