Chapter 445: Opposing Each Other
     Chapter 445: Opposing Each Other

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    Jiu She flashed a light grin at Xue Ying and Drunk Guest as he stood on the platform. Anyone could see that he was provoking those two.

    "Brother Dong Bo, Drunk Guest had not provoked you earlier, yet this Jiu She proactively provoked both of you." Mei Yu then added, "It seems like he is very domineering."

    Xue Ying nodded.

    Wildness and arrogance did not mean much. Those with great talent and power were, to their very core, proud beings. Even if Xue Ying seemed very polite and humble on the surface, he was similarly proud.

    Xue Ying did not care much about how domineering the other party was. He cared more about his combat power.

    Truly powerful. Xue Ying mused, That single move of his has somehow appeared everywhere, leaving no place left untouched? Furthermore, his power is very formidable, to where he could easily destroy the entire region. That expert he faced, who had still ranked in the top thousand, did not even have the chance to escape with his life.

    I wonder how it will be like if I were to fight with him. Xue Ying looked forward to it. Only, this arena battle will never arrange for us to fight.

    The top ten within the Prefecture Selections would never match up against each other.

    Because ultimately, the Calm Sea Prefecture would be selecting the strongest hundred!

    "He is provocative, but it's a pity that the arena battle will not see me fighting him," Xue Ying remarked.

    "It is indeed impossible in the arena battle, but in the final survival battle, there will still be a ranking within." Seventh Mei Yu laughed. "You ranked first in the ranking battle, but don't let yourself be surpassed by them¡­during the final survival battle."

    Xue Ying laughed.

    No wonder Jiu She was provoking him. It seemed that he was banking on the final survival battle.

    The battles that came thereafter became increasingly fierce the later it got, since the difference in combat power between the two parties became smaller.

    None of them, however, had given Xue Ying a similarly powerful, threatening feeling like Jiu She and Drunk Guest had.

    This included Seventh Mei Yu! Even though she did surprise Xue Ying, he felt no threat from her at all. Firstly, her battle ended too quickly in just two moves; with her opponent admitting defeat, Seventh Mei Yu had no need to reveal her true sword techniques. Seventh Mei Yu, after all, specialized in a prolonged battle, not one ended with an instantaneous, explosive killing strike.

    "The top five hundred has been chosen."

    "The first battle of the second batch in the arena battle, Dong Bo against Wu Yong."

    The second batch began once again¡­

    Just as both of them stepped onto the platform

    Wu Yong shouted out, "I admit defeat."

    Thereafter, when Drunk Guest and Jiu She went onto the platform, their opponents similarly admitted defeat!

    Precisely because their prowess had stunned others during the first battle round, it caused all the other experts to determine the gap in combat power to be too vast and their hopes of victory to be nil. Admitting defeat was better than losing their lives in a battle where they would have no time to even act.


    On the platform, the Calm Sea Prefecture Master, Monarch Mo Xue and the others were observing the battles below.

    Despite ten or so honorary and inner disciples of powerful existences participating in the arena battle, the most dazzling experts were still the top three in the ranking battle: Dong Bo, Drunk Guest, and Jiu She! That person called Zang Xiao, for instance, had merely ranked twenty-seventh in the ranking battle. While such a rank was quite good, he still could not match the top three experts.

    "That Jiu She seems to have not revealed all his strength during the ranking battle?" White Sand City Lord was quite startled.

    "He has indeed not displayed this secret skill during the ranking battle." King Rong Hai nodded.

    "It's merely the ranking battle. This Jiu She is extremely self-confident and thus did not display this killing move of his. Even with his half-hearted efforts, he could still rank third." The yellow-robed Venomous Ying World Deity giggled. "Having discovered there are two others who ranked above him, he will naturally display his techniques to make a statement. From my perspectivethat Jiu She should be the strongest. Drunk Guest is the personal disciple of a powerful existence, so his combat power is similarly very deep and unpredictable; he should be able to grasp a grade one Deity Heart at any time. Meanwhile, this Dong Bo seems quite weak."

    Marshal Qin calmly interjected from the side, "You have some hatred against that Dong Bo, so are you deliberately targeting him?"

    "Targeting him?" Venomous Ying World Deity sneered. "Is he even qualified to hold my attention?"

    "Venomous Ying, Dong Bo is ranked first." The White Sand City Lord laughed. "Despite what you say, he is still first in regards to the ranking battle."

    "Then do you dare to bet? I wager that during the survival battle, that Dong Bo will absolutely not be first. He will most likely not be second either!" Venomous Ying World Deity sneered.

    The White Sand City Lord shook his head. "Bet? Why must we bet? The rules for the ranking battle and the survival battle are not the same. Who can be sure of the final ranking? It would not be surprising if Dong Bo is not first."

    "You have no confidence?" Venomous Ying World Deity sneered.

    "Then are you confident to declare that Drunk Guest will definitely be the first? Or that Jiu She will definitely be the first?" The White Sand City Lord retorted.

    Venomous Ying World Deity was stunned.

    According to history, the gap between those ranked in the top three was practically nonexistent, and any of them could possibly rank first in the final survival battle. It was to the extent that even those ranked fourth, fifth and sixth¡­could all possibly seize first place if any of them specialized in survival.

    Thus, the chances of anybody becoming the champion did not exceed 30%!

    The chances of winning such a gamble was truly quite low.

    The White Sand City Lord wasn't willing to gamble on the outcome¡ªand neither was Venomous Ying World Deity!

    "You say so much merely because you aren't that confident in Dong Bo." The yellow-robed Venomous Ying World Deity shook her head and returned to gaze to the arena platform.

    The White Sand City Lord stroked the upward-oriented beard of his. He could feel how Venomous Ying was opposing him as well and grinned. "Haha, alright then. Since I've earned quite a lot in my previous gamble, I'll be the banker this time around¡­ The rules are as such: Dong Bo ranking first, 1:1 payout! Dong Bo ranking second, 1:2 payout! Dong Bo ranking third or beyond, 1:5 payout! The maximum bet is set at ten million Deity crystals per person!"

    "Such boldness."

    "Old Brother White Sand, you are truly daring."

    "You are this confident?"

    Marshal Qin, King Rong Hai, the God Palace Emissary, the Ink Cloud City Lord, and the Venomous Ying World Deity all turned toward White Sand City Lord.

    This gamble represented how truly confident he was of his judgement.

    The 1:1 payout for Dong Bo ranking first meant he would not win anything no matter how much the others bet on him. If he lost, he would simply refund the bet! Thus, nobody would be foolish to bet on that option.

    Ranking second, with a 1:2 payout¡­was considered an ordinary bet ratio.

    Ranking third or beyond, with a 1:5 payout¡­that was a truly frightening payout ratio.

    "White Sand, you are truly sending yourself to death." Venomous Ying World Deity derided, "Are you that confident?"

    "Here's the gamble. If you have the capability, then set down your bets." White Sand City Lord turned toward her.

    "Rest assured. I'll certainly satisfy you." Venomous Ying World Deity had felt gloomy ever since she had been suppressed during the banquet. At this moment, she would naturally take this opportunity in earning a windfall.

    "Haha, Old Brother White Sand, for you to open such a gambling stake, we'll definitely make use of it as well." King Rong Hai laughed. "Dong Bo ranking second; I'll bet five million Deity crystals on it. Dong Bo ranking third and beyond, I'll also bet five million Deity crystals on it! Ze ze¡­ if he ranks second, I'll simply break even. But if he ranks third or beyond, it'll be a huge jackpot of twenty-five million Deity crystals¡­ As long as he does not rank first, I'll not be losing out!"

    "Who says that King Rong Hai's mind is bad?" The Ink Cloud City Lord laughed. "As long as he isn't first, he'll lose nothing and might even possibly be earning a jackpot. Brother White Sand, you have earned quite a huge sum earlier, so I'll be betting the same as Brother Rong Hai."

    "I'll be doing the same too." Marshal Qin beamed.

    "Me too," the God Palace Emissary added in from the side.

    The White Sand City Lord glared. "You all are truly¡­"

    The four of them had similarly set down their bets.

    Five million Deity crystals on Dong Bo ranking second.

    Another five million Deity crystals on Dong Bo ranking third or beyond.

    "You all are truly too conservative. I'll be betting on the final option, with him ranking third or below." Venomous Ying World Deity coldly laughed. "Ten million Deity crystals! If you lose, you will be compensating me fifty million Deity crystals!"

    The upper limit was ten million Deity crystals.

    Venomous Ying World Deity had staked everything on the final option.

    "When the moment comes, you better not be a spoilsport when you lose." Venomous Ying World Deity chuckled. Even stage three World Deities would feel the pain if they were to lose out on fifty million Deity crystals.

    "If Dong Bo gets first, I'll be cleaning out everyone!" White Sand City Lord glanced at the Venomous Ying World Deity, before turning toward the others. "I had cleaned out all of you guys earlier. So who knows, this time might end up being the same as well."

    "The survival battle¡­has different rules. It is hard to predict." The Ink Cloud City Lord laughed. The few of them had seen the previous ranking battle and all felt that while Xue Ying might specialize in survivability, but he wasn't the best in that field.

    Monarch Mo Xue and the Calm Sea Prefecture Master laughed at seeing this.

    "This time, White Sand might be suffering huge losses," the Prefecture Master transmitted over.

    "Mn, they have all made an error of judgement." Monarch Mo Xue nodded.

    Very soon, the arena battle's two batches of fights ended, leaving behind the final top 250 experts. This arena battle had also led to a total of 96 deaths.

    "The arena battle has ended. We will proceed on with the survival battle three years later. The final top hundred experts will represent Calm Sea Prefecture as they proceed to the God Palace!" the God Palace Emissary announced.