Chapter 432: Consecutively Coming Out
     Chapter 432: Consecutively Coming Out

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    When employed through the usage of Chaotic Suppression, Xue Ying¡¯s Great Chaotic True Force would assuredly bring about miraculous effects. The black-robed men condensed by the arrays were being destroyed as soon as they spawned. It was only after a full thirty of them were destroyed that they reached a combat power that allowed them to exchange a few moves with him.

    "This is finally getting interesting." Just as Xue Ying was battling to his heart¡¯s content, one of the black-robed men turned himself into lightning. He was using twin pikes, and his speed was far beyond Xue Ying¡¯s. He employed various moves to envelop Xue Ying in a continuous assault.

    It was fast to the extreme!

    In spite of Xue Ying¡¯s speed not quite matching up to the black-robed man, his spear still swept and lashed about! This single strike was enough to cover an enormous area. Then, once it curved back, it struck out toward another huge area. Altogether, the lightning-form man had a hard time dodging the attacks, especially considering that Xue Ying¡¯s spear technique could even generate a terrifying gravitational force of attraction, which could send everything nearby into a collision course. The men tried escaping within the Mirage or within the Shadow Space, but nothing could resist that force.

    The Chaos Hole was originally one of the ultimate patterns of the World. Xue Ying¡¯s ¡®Chaotic Suppression¡¯ secret skill had long created two different colors of the Chaos Hole.

    A light touch from Xue Ying¡¯s spear was enough to destroy the black-robed man with weaker bodies, while with stronger bodies would still suffer heavy injuries! It would take no more than two to three moves for them to die.

    The difficulty is increasing bit by bit. Xue Ying¡¯s Mirage body was off fighting one of the black-robed men with better defenses. Even after ten or so exchanges, neither was able to kill their opponent.

    His true body, on the other hand, could easily skewer his opponents.

    In any case, the ranking battle doesn¡¯t pose as much of a threat to me, since I¡¯ll only ever face ten opponents at most, and not one more, Xue Ying thought. On top of that, the combat power of these black-robed men is gradually increasing. I won¡¯t often get opportunities as good as this one for refining my skills."

    Xue Ying was completely engrossed in his spear techniques.

    Even now, he was mostly only using Chaotic Suppression, since it was the skill he sought to improve in the most.

    In a dark portion of the wasteland.

    Hua hua hua~

    The expression on Zang Xiao¡¯s scarred face was ugly. He could have easily gotten rid of the two scars adorning his face after becoming a Deity, but he chose to leave them as they were. Holding onto his twin sabers, his body moved like a phantom as it disappeared time after time only to reappear at random throughout that wasteland. He could simply appear in any area he wished, before twisting his twin sabers into a indistinct, blood-colored saber light.

    The saber light whistled, producing a piercing and mournful sound.

    He slaughtered the black-robed men one after another, as if reaping wheat on a field.

    The speed at which he killed was blinding and had improved even further after he brought out his secret skill. Even now, his pace was beyond Xue Ying¡¯s and Seventh Mei Yu¡¯s.

    His eyes were cold, his expression devoid of emotion. He was simply reaping the lives of his enemies without care, displaying his saber techniques as he liked.

    His saber technique was created purely with slaughter in mind!

    Dang dang.

    Weapons clashed, and Zang Xiao¡¯s figure continued flashing all around. His indistinct light rays moved through the air along an arc as they killed another black-robed man.

    I¡¯m starting to feel some pressure. Zang Xiao was well aware of that in his heart, but that did not keep him from killing any further.


    The black-robed men strengthened further and further, and before long, one of them, with a more tyrannical physical body, reached a level at which he could tangle with Zang Xiao. Soon afterwards, another one appeared, whose speed was much faster than his own¡­

    It didn¡¯t take much longer until a large portion of the black-robed men were already very difficult to kill.


    A sword¡¯s slash landed across Zang Xiao¡¯s body, and fresh blood splashed out¡­

    "I admit defeat!" Unperturbed, Zang Xiao immediately shouted, his eyes as cold as ever. With how merciless he was to his enemies, there was no way he would give himself any leisure. He had set down a condition from the very start¡ªhe would admit defeat as soon as he received any injury. Regardless of how light that injury was, he would surrender just the same!


    A force enveloped him and took him out of the scroll world.

    "Mn?" After being sent out in mid-air, he looked up toward the enormous scroll in the sky and then to the other Deities who were occasionally being expelled.

    He was well aware that he did not spend very long within the battlefield, but he was confident in himself nonetheless. After all, his speed of slaughter was just that fast, likely close to ten times above any ordinary Deity¡¯s!


    Zang Xiao landed below and kept to himself. Regardless of the result, he would keep his confidence.

    "Zang Xiao has admitted defeat and left the scroll world." The personages up on the high platform were paying attention to every single detail. The emissary continued with a laugh, "He might have surrendered, but his slaughtering speed was truly fast. Once he began displaying his secret skill, he surpassed both Dong Bo and Her Highness, Seventh Mei Yu. In spite of being the first to admit defeat, his result has passed both Dong Bo¡¯s and Seventh Mei Yu¡¯s by a large margin."

    "It¡¯s hard to tell for sure. Look at Dong Bo¡¯s current speed," White Sand City Lord retorted.

    They had clearly seen Xue Ying begin displaying his Great Chaotic True Force, which caused his speed to greatly increase. Even so, that speed had already returned to a normal pace at the moment.

    "His offensive ability is to be admired. That level can most likely only be reached through a World Deity ranked secret technique with a focus on unbridled strength," Marshal Qin stepped in with some words of praise. "On top of that, his secret skill is quite appropriate for the utilization of that force. However, he has reached a bottleneck. It¡¯s unlikely that we will witness any further increases in his combat ability! That secret skill of his is, indeed, formidable, but it clearly at a bottleneck."

    "It¡¯s true that he¡¯s getting slower. Most likely, he will finish this battle on a full level below Zang Xiao," Venomous Ying World Deity agreed with the previous assessment. "Meanwhile, Her Highness, Seventh Mei Yu, can truly be considered formidable. Her limit should be quite a ways off still."

    "Indeed," Marshal Qin agreed.

    "The young lady¡¯s sword technique is not only fast, but also exquisite." Calm Sea Prefecture Master analyzed, a smile plastered on his face all the while. "Even if we were to judge purely on speed, she would still be beyond Dong Bo and Zang Xiao, yet her sword technique is more refined; she can kill her enemies clearly and cleanly. And if that strike isn¡¯t enough, she¡¯ll link it together with another eight to ten attacks, so that any opponent will fall into her hands with ease! On top of that, her sword technique secret skill has materialized into a personal domain; it truly is on a nearly perfect level. She has command over every important aspect of combat, even domains. As far as I can tell, she is a level above Zang Xiao. It would seem that this old man has judged her wrongly, so I¡¯ll be losing out on this bet."

    "Hahaha¡­" Monarch Mo Xue laughed out loud as he heard the Prefecture Master¡¯s words. "This little daughter of mine is a bit of a perfectionist. If a single strand of her strength is enough to deal with her enemy, she will absolutely not use any more than that."

    "Indeed, she seems to have several sets of World Deity ranked secret techniques, yet she isn¡¯t in any hurry to put them on display." Calm Sea Prefecture Master shook his head.


    "Truly formidable."

    Even the ones below were gradually discovering how formidable Her Highness, Seventh Mei Yu, was.

    The speed at which Seventh Mei Yu killed her enemies couldn¡¯t compare to Xue Ying¡¯s explosive strength or to Zang Xiao¡¯s rampant slaughter, but her sword technique had an inherent aura of perfection. Despite her being only in the Deity realm, it was enough to make even stage three World Deities feel like her skill was nearly perfect in every aspect. Regardless of how difficult it would normally be to deal with an enemy, Seventh Mei Yu would still show some method to easily deal with them.

    She kept killing and killing, and only when she could no longer deal with a black-robed man would she finally change to another World Deity ranked secret technique.

    Indeed, Seventh Mei Yu had that many World Deity ranked secret techniques at hand. A single glance could determine that she had control over at least four different World Deity ranked secret techniques, a number far beyond that of Zang Xiao¡¯s.

    She was killing and reaping without stop, yet she remained completely calm as she did so. To her, displaying sword techniques was a form of fun; it left her with an intoxicating feeling of enjoyment.

    Gradually, as Xue Ying¡¯s spear techniques began to no be longer sufficient to suppress his enemies, and his killing speed reached an impairment¡­ Seventh Mei Yu¡¯s speed surpassed him and, before long, exceeded even Zang Xiao¡¯s final result!

    "I think you were right when you said that her innate talent is able to match your eldest daughter¡¯s." The Calm Sea Prefecture Master looked up toward the scene of battle within the enormous scroll before turning aside and laughed. "You, old man, have that much life experience, and it would seem you¡¯re quite good at teaching your children. How exactly did you go about training this little daughter of yours?"

    "Haha¡­" Monarch Mo Xue laughed out. "I just hoped I would get to see her reach the stage three World Deity realm. As soon as that happens, I¡¯ll seal my memories and proceed with my reincarnation. I could at least do that without having to worry too much."

    "Mo Xue, can you not hold on for any longer?" the Prefecture Master transmitted over.

    "To what purpose? I just spend most of my time hidden inside the cultivation Eden treasure, controlling the flow of time," Monarch Mo Xue transmitted back. "Ai, Old Long, I truly would not dare immediately go over to reincarnate myself. After all, after living for so long, I have truly gathered a lot of hatred on my back, and the desire for revenge that others have toward me is boundless! That¡¯s the only reason I¡¯m doing my best to delay just a bit little longer, until I truly reach my limit. I will then seal my memories and enter the reincarnation cycle."

    The process of sealing one¡¯s memories and reincarnating was fraught with danger.

    The best outcome would be reaching the Deity realm and awakening the memories from their previous life. Cultivating from the level of a mortal to the Deity realm was easy to describe, but any misstep along the way might cause one to die and lose their soul. And this death was of the eternal sort.

    As such, there were truly too many cases of old World Deities who decided to seal their memories and reincarnating, only to disappear from the world forever. After all, without the advantage of their memories, they might simply be born as slaves and never even get the opportunity to cultivate. Or, they might be used as human resources in the experiments of some mage out there, with their souls being used as the source of ingredients¡ªwhich would cause them to dissipate in the process. Both of these were possible outcomes.

    "I am truly envious of you, Old Long, for having been born as a mutated beast and having a lighter temperament. You have a much easier time keeping guard of your true heart due to these traits," Monarch Mo Xue transmitted.

    "Unless one can step out of the temporal river to transcend all restrictions, can their life truly be eternal?" the Calm Sea Prefecture Master said.

    As two men who had lived for far too long, they naturally shared a similar way of thinking.

    "There¡¯s not much I really care about, in the event of my death. My single wish is that you may take care of my daughters," Monarch Mo Xue requested.

    "If it¡¯s within my power, I will naturally do my best. In any case, this daughter of yours should get the chance to enter the tutelage of a powerful existence and become their disciple." The Prefecture Master nodded before looking upward and laughing. "Brother Mo Xue, it looks like your daughter has also come out."

    Monarch Mo Xue followed the same motion. He had also seen Seventh Mei Yu be expelled.

    Dressed in her white robes, Seventh Mei Yu remained as pure as ever. Her palms alone showed traces of blood, but even those dissipated into nothingness before long. She descended as calm as ever.