Chapter 28 每 The Winter of Year 9661
     Book 6: Chapter 28 每 The Winter of Year 9661

    Xue Ying stared blankly at the scene in front of him. Being able to conjure treasures from the void?

    From the distorted void, two treasures appeared. One of them was a ring, from which an abundant vitality emitted, giving him the feeling that there was an endless invigorating life force within. He had a vision of grass sprouting up amongst the stones on the ground, and trees taking root, stretching towards the sky. This feeling of life force even affected Xue Ying*s mood.

    So formidable, this treasure can even affect my spirit. Inwardly, Xue Ying was shocked. Looking at the other treasure, it was a greenish grey wristband. It looked so ordinary that if the Palace Head had not brought it out, Xue Ying would not have realised that it was something unique and considered it as trash.

    ※Dong Bo Xue Ying,§ Palace Head Chen held the two treasures, before casually smiling, ※Our Xia Clan only had one person in our history to grasp hold of a second grade True Meaning. From today onwards, you will be the second person in the entire history of my Xia Clan! By then, you*ll certainly ride above all other Demigods and be undefeatable. Those Transcendent Worlds where the Beast Clan hide within will be wantonly swept over by you!§

    Like how some human secrets were kept in the Transcendent Worlds#

    The reason why true treasures of the Beast Clans would also be kept within the Transcendent Worlds is because no Deity could ever enter those worlds! As such, it would be a very safe location.

    ※The Transcendent natives and Beast Clans will definitely take more than 100,000 years to recover if their vitality was truly injured,§ Palace Head Chen smiled. ※Our Xia Clan will then encounter more fortuitous opportunities, adding to our advantages. These advantages will accumulate endlessly, until a day when the Beast Clan will be exterminate by us! This way, the mortal worlds can be considered as entertainment grounds for our Xia Clan.§

    Xue Ying nodded.

    That was what all Transcendents of the Xia Clan in the successive generations had been chasing after. They were fighting for their survival, thus, no mercy could be given.

    If the humans retreated, the Beast Clan would attack!

    The two sides were always at war, and the resources in the Transcendent Worlds would certainly be fought over! Because the Xia Clan was powerful, the Transcendent natives and Beast Clan had become close with one another.

    ※This secret that you grasped hold of an embryonic form of a second grade True Meaning is only known by the four of us Demigods,§ Palace Head Chen said. ※You must remember not to leak out your secret. To the others, we will tell them that you grasped hold of the embryonic form of a grade three True Meaning. After all# even if a person is a genius, if he isn*t given a chance to grow up, he will be killed. Only when you truly grasp hold of the grade two True Meaning, will you have the strength to handle those Demigods!§

    ※I understand,§ Xue Ying nodded.

    ※Of course, even if we are extremely prudent, this secret might still be leaked,§ Palace Head Chen continued. ※Thus, we must make some preparations from two aspects. These two treasures had been left behind by the ancestors of our Xia Clan, who later became Deities.§

    Xue Ying brightened up.

    ※This ring is the protective treasure refined by the Purple Thunder Emperor after becoming a Deity,§ Palace Head Chen said. ※You just have to drip your blood on it, and you can control it. The moment you meet any danger, with a thought, it will immediately form a purple thunder wall that is full of energy. It can even block a move from the Purple Thunder Emperor using his full strength! It will take Demigods the time to brew a cup of tea to destroy this purple thunder wall. However, the moment the energy within is fully consumed, it will become useless. Thus, this is a one-time use treasure.§

    Xue Ying was in awe of the ring. Purple Thunder Emperor? Wasn*t that the Purple Thunder Emperor Yao Qing whom he already looked up to highly? The one who made saving other people*s lives as his mission? The True Meaning of Purple Thunder that he cultivated# was the fusion from Thunder and Life, and it was a grade three True Meaning. Becoming a Deity with a grade three True Meaning meant he was quite powerful. This protection that was akin to a move of his full strength was enough to make other Demigods fall into despair. Thus, it was natural for it to withstand the crazed attacks by Demigods for the time taken to brew a cup of tea.

    ※This treasure, however, requires one to use their mind to operate it, but I*m afraid that you might not even have enough time to react when being attacked,§ Palace Head Chen said. ※Thus, there*s another clan protection treasure!§

    ※Clan protection treasure?§ Xue Ying looked towards the other ordinary-looking greenish grey wristband.

    ※This is a unique treasure sent  from the Deity World by the Emperor Yun Hai,§ Palace Head Chen said. ※Even though it looks ordinary, as long as you drip your blood onto it, it will recognise you as its master. Furthermore, it is spiritually aware. If you are met with danger, it will instantly protect you. You may be rest assured. This is an extremely formidable treasure. No Demigod, regardless of how sinister their methods may be, will be able to overcome it, thus, the moment you are met with danger, it will immediately protect you!§

    Deep in his heart, Xue Ying felt moved. After displaying his prowess, the Xia Clan had indeed put in their utmost effort to groom him.

    Even though that ring left behind by the Purple Thunder Emperor might be precious and useful, this seemingly ordinary wristband was termed as a clan protection treasure!

    ※Take it,§ Palace Head Chen smiled.

    ※Alright,§ Xue Ying did not reject it.

    He himself understood.

    Receiving so many benefits from the Xia Clan meant that he had to reciprocate! Xue Ying did not have the slightest intention of backing away from this responsibility.

    Immediately, he dropped his blood onto the treasures. Xue Ying could feel and control the ring. Although, he could also sense the other green-grey wristband*s spirit, it seemed that it was not willing to communicate with Xue Ying at all! However, this was to be expected. After all, Xue Ying was merely a Sky realm Transcendent, and his current Transcendent Qi could not operate a Demigod treasure!

    At the very most, a Sky realm Transcendent could operate a Saint-grade weapon.

    And a Saint realm Transcendent could operate a Demigod weapon.

    Only Demigods could truly operate a Deity weapon!

    Thus, such treasures that were able to protect a Sky realm Transcendents were rarely seen. Only because Xue Ying received the backing of Xia Clan did he now owns these treasures. If it was the Beast Clan, how could they just casually take out such precious treasures for anyone?

    ※Oh right, Xue Ying, with your current combat power, I think you can pass through the Hundred Battles Chamber,§ Qiu Chi Bai laughed. ※When are you planning to do so?§

    ※That*s right, you haven*t even reached 60 years in cultivating. The moment you pass through it, there would be a huge amount of rewards,§ Si Kong Yang*s eyes brightened.

    Hundred Battle Chamber.

    Sky realm Transcendents below the age of 60 would be rewarded 100,000 contribution points! After all, its difficulty was not that different from the Mountain Road, and for Transcendents who could complete it before 60 years of age, how prodigious would they be? How frightening was their talents? Cultivating for 3000 years down the road, how powerful would they get? For this reason, giving such rewards was very natural. No one in the Xia Clan during the past 100,000 years had succeeded in passing this test prior to age 60 before.

    Xue Ying was young, and his combat power was already devastating. Indeed, he had hopes of defeating the chamber!

    ※I*m not in a rush,§ Xue Ying smiled. ※I will only have a single chance to participate in every ten years, before I turn 60 years of age. The greater the certainty, the better. I*ll prepare myself for a period of time before going to try it out.§

    ※Good, you are calm enough. That*s right, you can only participate once every ten years. You are right to be cautious,§ Qiu Chi Bai said.

    ※Even if you succeed, keep it a secret!§ Palace Head Chen said, ※I*ll ask the treasure spirit to hide your battle in the chamber.§

    ※Mn.§ Xue Ying could feel the care given by Palace Head Chen.

    After all, passing through the Hundred Battle Chamber before 60 years of age was something that would make him a star.Palace Head Chen would definitely want Xue Ying to be low-key# until the moment he comprehended his True Meaning, then it would be appropriate to show off his cutting-edge.


    Time flowed on like water.

    Nobody came to disturb and pick on Xue Ying*s cultivation anymore. He could continue to immerse himself in his spear techniques, and Jing Qiu would happily accompany him.

    Although Situ Hong was unhappy, he could only suppress it within his heart.

    The other Transcendents in Scarlet Cloud Mountain all felt the threat and consequently started working even harder.


    Transcendents in the entire Xia Clan lived their lives in an orderly manner. The Sky realm Transcendents continued receiving life-death missions from the Infernal World to hone themselves. Some of them returned back to their homeland in despair. As for the Saint realm Transcendents, they would form parties to adventure within those secretive Minor Transcendent Worlds, gambling their lives in order to attain some resources.

    The Demigod Overlords were all seated at the various locations, protecting the safety of the entire Xia Clan. At the same time, they continued their cultivation towards the dream of becoming a Deity.

    But those peaceful days#

    Had been broken apart on the Dragon Mountain Calendar, Year 9661, Winter.

    South Piano Province, a wealthy province.

    In mid-air on top of a nameless mountain within the South Piano Province.


    Some sort of deep and unpredictable power came transmitting through the distance, forcibly tearing apart the space of this material world. Regardless of whether it was the material space, the wall of shadow space, or even the outermost layer, the membrane layer, they had all been pierced through! This formed an ugly and savage deep crack in space.

    Leading to the space on the other side of the crack was a world filled with an aura of death. Looking through this space crack, one could vaguely see the flames burning on the other side of the world.

    ※This is?§

    A red-armoured organism with a tail sprouting from its back sprang out from the crack. It looked carefully around.

    Being an organism from the Dark Abyss, it was certainly extremely prudent.

    ※This, this#§ It suddenly widened its dark-yellow eyes, full of shock. Taking a deep breath, its entire body trembled in excitement, ※It*s the aura of a human*s soul. This is the smell of the soul of a human. So tasty, so tasty, he he he, I*ve finally come to the mortal world!§

    It immediately formed a doppelganger to inform its partners back in the Dark Abyss.

    The mortal world was not easy to conquer. Subjugating it would  required some comrades.

    Sou sou sou.


    A large amount of demonic figures came squeezing through the space crack. All of them gazed greedily at this unfamiliar world. The scent of human souls wafted through the entire world, causing them to tremble with excitement. The Dark Abyss* environment was too dangerous and ugly, with even the many Deities from the Deity World hating it.

    Compared to the Dark Abyss, the mortal world was just like paradise. Furthermore, the human souls emitted a delicious scent, and this was the best nourishing food for them as they grew.

    ※Quick quick, this space crack will only stay open for a moment. This mortal world is currently recovering itself, and soon, the crack will close.§

    ※Quickly come.§

    Dense amounts of demons crazily squeezed through the space crack.

    The moment they entered the human world, their noses would start sniffing before they disappeared.


    The space became distorted again.

    A female human with dazzling purple eyes appeared from thin air. Looking at this particular scene, her expression changed. Following that, she furiously shouted, ※Demons! Die for me!§


    Countless purple flames filled the world, sweeping across all directions. At that moment, some of the weaker demons immediately turn into ash. Following that, a huge demon that was icy-blue in colour hurled its palm over, causing, the space to start freezing up, clashing against those purple flames. For a moment, the two powers emitted chi chi chi sounds as they dissipated against each other.

    ※It*s a Deity weapon.§

    ※A human Demigod Transcendent!§

    ※This mortal world is our hunting ground. However, we have to be careful of those human Transcendents here. Let*s go.§

    That tall, icy-blue demon paused for a moment, before taking a step and disappearing from the area. At that moment, the space crack had already started recovering and became smaller and smaller. Only a small number of demons still ran towards the Xia Clan*s World! Some were instantly killed from the recovering crack of space, turning into ashes as they unwillingly howled.

    ※Damn, damn, Demons, just die!§ City Lord Bu, who was currently bathed in purple light, was currently filled with killing intent and anger. Countless purple flames flew out in all directions, incinerating those escaping demons into ash instantly!

    The place became quiet.

    However, even more powerful demons had already entered.

    ※This time, the space crack connecting to the Dark Abyss was too huge, allowing many demons to cross. Just now, that powerful demon I exchanged moves with could actually withstand the power of my Deity weapon!§ City Lord Bu had an ashen expression as she was still enveloped in purple light. She did not dare neglect this matter. Without hesitating, she sent news back to the Infernal Palace, informing all Demigods of the Xia Clan of this news!