Chapter 20 每 It Was Merely a Small Surprise
     Chapter 20 每 It Was Merely a Small Surprise

    Other than those Demigods with incredible power, Transcendents who had cultivated for a certain period of time could figure out what was happening, ※This Dong Bo Xue Ying is almost out of techniques! He will most likely have to use his primordial bloodline.§

    During this half-year period before the battle, Xue Ying had gone to taverns and restaurants, befriending some of the Transcendents. These Transcendents had then sensed the additional power emitting from his fleshy body, thus allowing them to conclude that Xue Ying would most likely have already awakened his primordial bloodline! During the battle, as the audience discussed the contest among themselves# they would naturally talk about his primordial bloodline. Just by this word of mouth, the news spread out to most of the Transcendents present.


    Indeed, everything had gone according to what they hypothesized.

    This native Transcendent*s combat power was so formidable that he could entirely suppress Xue Ying. If Xue Ying does not activate his primordial bloodline, then he would certainly lose after some inestimable period of time!



    The spear whipped about in the air.

    At times, it was unpredictable and strange, as if it were a huge python trying to attack. At other times, it would roll in a forceful manner, before hacking downwards. There were even times when the spear was swept out in an overbearing manner, wanting to sweep across a thousand soldiers, and times when the spear shaft was being used to smack outwards#

    Xue Ying had long become one with the entire spear as he displayed the spear technique to his heart*s content.

    &Exciting, so exciting.*

    This acute feeling of contentment brought euphoria.

    Xue Ying was battling with vigour from the bottom of his soul. Ever since his youth, he had madly trained his spear techniques. Other than the desire to save his parents, he had developed a passion for the spear! Only when he was enjoying the battle from the depths of his heart# could he ever reach the rare situation during a life and death battle of achieving something amazing! To him, chasing after the pinnacle of spear techniques was the ambition he had set deep within his spirit.

    Even after becoming a Spear Grandmaster, he could still not see the end of spear techniques!

    Ever since achieving mastery, he had comprehended more of the natural world, absorbing the Profound Mysteries behind it, before bringing them to perfection with his own spear techniques. He understood the Fire of Myriad Existences first, and then the Water of Myriad Existences! All these understandings allowed his spear techniques to reach a state closer to perfection.

    Right now, he was under the pressure of a life and death battle!

    This pressure allowed him to display his spear techniques to the fullest extent. Along the way of joyfully displaying his skills, he would utilise this chance to understand and refine his spear techniques. The battle provided a chance for him to see the power of every move and style he had! Only during an actual battle could he better understand and experiment with his own spear techniques. The fifth battle*s opponent was someone who used an upright suppression on him. As for the sixth battle, it was an opponent who specialised in close combat! Different battle styles allowed him to test his own spear techniques from different directions.

    &My spear techniques are still lacking, especially in close combat. The spear must become even softer!*

    &The power is lacking as well, especially during explosive attacks!*

    The way Xue Ying cultivated was different from many others.

    The others would feel and sense the wind, or the water#

    But for Xue Ying, it was practising his spear as he chased after the perfection in its techniques! The Profound Mysteries behind the World were like elements to him. He would merge these elements into his spear techniques, just like how he felt when his spear techniques were too hard and rigid, too fierce and lacking tenacity and coherence. This eventually led him to comprehend the Water of Myriad Existences, to the extent of integrating those two Profound Mysteries as one. All of these were side rewards he gained during the process of chasing towards the &Perfection of Spear Techniques*.


    As the battle went on, Xue Ying began to reflect more and more s regarding his own spear techniques. He temporarily placed these thoughts in his heart until the moment when he was free and at peace. Only then would he bring them out to understand those reflections further.

    &No wonder so many people love to refine themselves during life and death battles. Indeed, this battle has greatly aided the development of my spear techniques.* Xue Ying felt the aura in his mind start to flicker relentlessly. He realised that his own spear techniques had many areas for improvement, and these areas would provide him guidance on where to direct his cultivation, &This single life and death battle brought to me a reward greater than hundred days of cultivation.*

    Hong hong hong~﹛

    Becoming one with the spear, even though Xue Ying was entirely on the back foot, he was still filled with tenacity as he proceeded on with firmness and flexibility. He continued holding on under the suppression of that green-haired male for the time taken to brew a cup of tea.

    Pu. The green-haired male forced Xue Ying*s spear shaft up against  his chest. Xue Ying continuously retreated backwards. At the same time, he vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood.

    Under this period taken to brew a cup of tea, the green-haired male suppressed Xue Ying the whole time to the extent that he incurred heavy bodily injuries. At the same time, Xue Ying had used up much of his Transcendent Qi.

    &I might not be able to hold on any longer.* Xue Ying understood clearly about his situation.


    That Transcendent green-haired native was exasperated. He had not expected that even under his absolute suppression, his opponent could still hold his ground for the time taken to brew a cup of tea. This made his attacks fiercer and fiercer as he tried getting closer to his opponent, madly attacking his way forward! Furthermore, under the terrifying chill in the environment, Xue Ying*s speed slowed along with his flexibility. He had no chance of escaping.

    ※Die!§ His palm unexpectedly penetrated through Xue Ying*s spear defence as it headed towards the Xue Ying  with the aim of penetrating through his chest.

    ※Mn?§ The Demigod of Infernal Palace in charge of overlooking the battle had a change in his expression. He was prepared to intervene at any time.


    Xue Ying*s suddenly rotated his spear*s shaft. The tail of the spear moved like a meat grinder as it gripped the green-haired male*s incoming arms. That native Transcendent sneered in disdain. Such a move was beneath his consideration# Xue Ying*s spear technique would require the full power utilised with the Profound Mystery of Fire before it could even break through the icy layer protecting his body. Just a mere stab with the tail of the spear could even be blocked with a defence not as great as his icy layer of protection. Thus, knowing that his body could completely withstand Xue Ying*s move,  the native continued on with his palm attack towards Xue Ying*s chest!

    Hong~ Coldness flashed in Xue Ying*s eyes as a faint blood-red Qi stream enveloped his body.

    Power Bloodline outbreak!

    Hong! Suddenly, with that single move, a ka cha resounded out! The green-haired male*s sturdy right forearm became twisted entirely, with even the bones seen protruding from it.

    ※Ah.§ The expression of that green-haired male instantly changed as he retreated! A broken arm was a small matter. After all, Transcendent natives had fast restorative power. But, Xue Ying*s power actually became so formidable within such short period of time. He was now even stronger than the native Transcendent to the extent of even breaking his arm?

    At the same time the green-haired male retreated furiously#

    The spear in Xue Ying*s hand moved in a frightening arc as it stabbed towards the green-haired male. That green-haired male used his left hand to block the attack, but with the unpredictability of the Profound Mystery of Water, he could not block the attack. The spear bypassed his hand. The green-haired male tried his best to evade the attack, but with a &pu chi* sound, the spear stabbed into the right part of that green-haired male*s chest.

    He retreated at an extremely fast speed, pulling out the spear as he backed away. This movement created a hole in his chest. However, without stabbing through the heart, such an injury was considered fairly light for the native Transcendent.

    ※Die for me.§ At the same time when Xue Ying*s spear left the body of that green-haired male, he immediately chased upwards before chopping down fiercely with his spear.

    Xue Ying*s spear techniques were too fast.

    First, it was a close combat attack. Following that, a stab before finally chopping down fiercely with his spear! One was chasing forward while the other was retreating backwards. Of course, the one who was retreating backwards would have a great decrease in his speed. And the reason why he was retreating backwards# was because that green-haired male needed to continue to face Xue Ying*s attacks. Under the situation of such a close quarters chase, how could he leave his back to such a frightening opponent?

    Hong! Chopping down fiercely, the spear brought with it endless power which could only be blocked with a single usable hand by that green-haired male. Following that, an enormous sound resounded as the spear broke through his guard before chopping downwards on the head of that green-haired male.


    The green-haired male*s eyes became wide-rounded. At the same time, he was chopped downwards with a force that firmly entrenched him within the ice below, albeit with a difference 每 fresh blood dripping down from his head. Everything within his head had already become paste.




    ※Exciting, exciting.§

    ※So formidable, so formidable. The moment he wants to make a comeback, he can make it! Within the blink of an eye, that native Transcendent is already dead.§

    The countless mortals within the western viewing platform were all excited. Even the Legend knights and mages trembled with excitement. Before, Xue Ying was actually being suppressed entirely for the time taken to brew a cup of tea. However, when Xue Ying decided to explode, with just a close combat attack, a stab, and a fierce hack# he killed the native Transcendent.

    How fast was Xue Ying*s movement? Only mortals of the Star levels could barely see the faint shadow of Xue Ying*s retaliatory spear technique.

    Regardless, they still felt excitement from experiencing it!

    ※So formidable.§ Yu Jing Qiu was extremely excited. She was happy for Xue Ying.

    Before the battle started, she had understood that Transcendents who won at least six matches within the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death were all amazing experts! According to legend, the Saint rankings number one Eternal Wind Knight &Qiu Chi Bai* had won six matches that year when he participated the battle. Furthermore, Xue Ying was even younger than him, and he had already won six matches. As a result, she felt really happy for him, as if she won the battle herself.


    ※This Dong Bo Xue Ying has indeed used his primordial bloodline.§

    ※It seems that his combat power has reached his limit, and thus, he has to use his bloodline. I estimate that the seventh match would be inconclusive. Maybe if his luck is good, he might win the seventh match. But the eighth match will be one where he will definitely be defeated.§

    ※Mn, the moment he uses his primordial bloodline is the moment he is almost out of means.§

    ※Even still, he is quite formidable. How old is he? Without even using his primordial bloodline, he killed his way through the sixth match! It is something to be proud of.§

    Transcendents had their own evaluation from the battle.

    Even the Demigods, including the Vice Head Chao Qing, the Faction Head Si Kong Yang and Mountain Lord He, and the Demigod of the Infernal Palace had all made their evaluation of Xue Ying.

    They greatly appreciated him.

    They understood that the moment he first displayed his true combat power produced a situation much better than what they expected! Xue Ying*s understanding of both the Profound Mysteries of Fire and Water was already relatively good, and that they could even be combined together to such an extent. But it was just merely a little surprise, that*s all!