Chapter 3 每 Weapons
     Chapter 3 每 Weapons

    The two of them walked towards the Weaponry Pavilion.

    ※You can enter to choose a weapon. I*ll wait for you outside.§ Gong Liang Yuan stood outside the door.

    ※Alright.§ Xue Ying entered.

    Similar to the Qi Technique Pavilion from before, this large, weapon-filled pavilion did not have any protectors within. As for the reason why# it was simply because the entire Water Daoist Temple was a Demigod-grade treasure. The spirits within, &Ancestor Dragon* and &Ancestor Sparrow,* were able to completely control this entire place. Thus, they couldn*t steal any treasures or take one by force.

    ※Weapons are essentially an extension of one*s limbs. They are the most important partner one could have in a battle.§ Xue Ying understood that a good weapon could increase one*s combat power tremendously.

    Xue Ying walked forward at a fast pace.

    Soon, he reached the area where spears were placed.

    ※Racing Thunder Spear, Human low-grade, requires an exchange of 0.5 kilograms of Origin Stones.§

    Xue Ying looked towards the azure spear stabbed onto the ground. A metal plate beside it gave a simple description. Plucking the spear from its resting place, he casually swung it. Hu Chi! The spear cleaved space as it moved. Yet, even when followed by a single-handed stab with rippling energy rotating around its length, the slightest damage could not be seen on the walls of the seemingly ordinary pavilion.

    ※Low grade human rank is one of the worst ranks of Transcendent weapons. The power it transmits isn*t as excellent as my Flying Snow God Spear, and despite being made with Transcendent materials, its refinement is atrocious.§ Xue Ying silently shook his head. This spear was most likely the failed refining experiment of some Transcendent.

    Not every Transcendent weapon had to be better than a mortal weapon.

    Among mortals, a third rank refiner weapon could cost more than a million gold. When comparing the value, it does not lose out to this Human low-grade Transcendent weapon. But to mortals, a third-order refined mortal weapon would be far more useful than a Transcendent weapon!

    Except, even a recently ascended Transcendent would scorn a low-grade Human  weapon. After all, those weapons could only be called the failures of Refiners. Most Transcendents would try their best to obtain a high-grade Human weapon! As for a top-grade Human  weapon, that would certainly be highly expensive.

    As Xue Ying walked by, he would occasionally choose a spear to experiment with.

    ※Mn, the transmission of power through this spear is perfect, but  its body is too soft.§ With Xue Ying*s physical strength reaching the middle stage of the Sky Realm, even his Flying Snow God Spear felt too soft for him.

    ※This spear, tut tut, is a bit too long for me.§

    Xue Ying had spent more than twenty years training with spears. Naturally, his excitement and fastidiousness in his selection was akin to certain females choosing jewelry. He could feel the uniqueness in every single spear. This was the first time he ever had so much fun testing spears.

    As the half hour mark passed,  he had already spent most of his attention examining the Human top-grade spears.

    Human top-grade spears usually cost between five to ten kilograms of Origin Stones.

    ※The Water Daoist Faction gave me the freedom to choose any treasures and weapons up to a total value of forty kilograms of Origin Stones, which could allow me to gather an entire set of top-grade Human equipment.§ Xue Ying thought to himself. Forty kilograms of Origin Stones was more than enough to obtain a set comprising of an inner vest, armour, boots, weapon, and storage wristband, etc.

    ※However, if I were to procure them, I*d definitely want to get the best I can.§

    Xue Ying turned towards the Saint rank weapons.

    With most of them priced around fifty kilograms of Origin Stone, low-grade Saint  weapons had an explosive increase in price! Although, this explosive increase could easily be reasonable when considering the gap between a Human grade and a Saint grade Transcendent weapon. A low-grade Saint weapon could offer an increase of combat power of three to four times when compared to a top-grade Human weapon!

    ※For an upcoming Transcendent like me, a low-grade Saint weapon would be more than enough.§ Xue Ying decided then and there.

    He already had a storage wristband.

    As for his protective inner vest, it was a top-grade Saint inner vest left behind by Elder Lei Zhen, which was extremely suitable for him after he comprehended the Profound Mystery of the Water of Myriad Existences.


    He could randomly select any Human grade clothing and rely on his excellent protective inner vest.

    That left only a spear and a pair of boots, so Xue Ying definitely needed to select the best ones for himself.


    After a while, Xue Ying finally arrived at the decision of choosing his spear.

    ※Hong.§ The black body of the spear was seemingly made of some special Transcendent wood. A faint crimson line traced along the surface of the wood, emitting a dragon roar when he tried sensing it. With just a casual flick, the spear would generate that roar.

    ※Black Dragon Spear, crafted with Dragon*s Blood?§ Xue Ying smiled, ※It weighs approximately six hundred kilograms. Definitely suitable with my spear techniques.§

    Some spears seemed foggy when looked upon by the naked eye. Wielding those spears allowed attacks to become ghostly and ephemeral.

    Other spears were more appropriate for stabbing 每 designed exclusively for lighting quick thrusts.

    Xue Ying had taken other spears into consideration before stopping at this one. But since he had comprehended both the Profound Mysteries behind the Myriad Existences of Flame and Water, he could feel that his spear path was one that gravitated toward the balance of Yin and Yang. Moving to an extreme of Flame or Water might produce miraculous effects when battling those of a similar level; however, it sacrificed areas that could easily be exploited by those at a higher cultivation. At that point, let alone fight, he might even be defeated without effort!

    ※This spear has such a tyrannical name. Regardless though, the body of this spear is definitely excellent.§ Xue Ying casually executed a few moves, adding a rotational force to his thrusts and creating rolling shockwaves in the air that struck against the walls. Although one could see the surface of the wall rippling, t was able to easily absorb the impact. After all, it was only natural to expect that those who came to select a weapon would want to try them out.

    ※However, this requires sixty kilograms of Origin Stones?§ Xue Ying examined the marked price.

    The value of this single Saint low-grade spear had already exceeded the limits of what the Water Daoist Faction set for him.

    ※I still have to choose another pair of boots.§

    Xue Ying attached quite a bit of importance to finding a good pair of boots.

    Some Transcendents might display leg techniques, but to Xue Ying, having a good pair of boots was more important in boosting his agility! After all, being nimble was extremely important during close combat fights. Those who were lacking in this area# Would become passive in the battle! As for those who were nimble, they could certainly play their enemies onto their palm. Even when they had to escape, their chances would also be greater.

    ※I*ll choose this.§

    He had found a pair of dark-blue leather boots. The main component used was the skin of a Transcendent beast, and it was further refined with a mysterious metal. The boots themselves sported dark inscriptions that gave it the ability to manipulate airflow around it. If one wasn*t careful enough, it was easy enough to miss.

    ※Profound Boots of Fluidity.§ Xue Ying tried testing them after putting them on.

    A transparent fluid force could be seen surrounding the boots.

    The high speed airflow generated from his movement could even be guided by this fluid forceit, reducing the air resistance he faced by a huge margin. As a result of their speed, all Transcendent movement had the tendency to produce a large amount of air resistance. For example, the shockwave generated from a spear thrust was essentially the manipulation of the whiplash effect from air resistance. Thus, reducing Xue Ying*s air resistance would definitely allow him to greatly increase his agility.To all Transcendents, as a result of being able to move quickly, any of their movement would definitely produce great air resistance. Like the high pressure shockwave created by a stabbing motion of the spear, it was actually generated by the whiplash effect caused by air resistance. Thus, being able to reduce the resistance one faced would certainly allow one to greatly increase his nimbleness.


    Xue Ying was elated in joy.

    Having chosen the Saint low-grade Black Dragon Spear and the Profound Boots of Fluidity, Xue Ying went on to select another Human top-grade black-coloured robe that could similarly reduce the air resistance he faced. After all, the Saint top-grade protective inner vest he was wearing already provided him with a huge defensivee boost.

    ※Good. Gather!§ Xue Ying was exuberant.

    ※Ancestor Dragon, Ancestor Sparrow, I*ve made my choice. I want these three.§ Xue Ying said.

    ※Little brat, the Water Daoist Faction has only sponsored you with forty kilograms of Origin Stones. These three pieces you selected would require 118 kilograms of Origin Stones instead.§ Ancestor Sparrow*s crisp sound was heard echoing from within the pavilion, ※Even though you have many Origin Stones, those are still required to be used on cultivating Qi. Cultivating Qi is more fundamental than wasting too much on these external goods. Even though they might increase your current combat power significantly now, the moment you reached the Saint Realm, they could no longer provide any aid for you!§

    ※I understand§ Xue Ying nodded.

    After all, he still had over 1500 kilograms of Origin Stones! The Water Daoist Faction had also provided him with 300 kilograms, thus the confidence.

    ※Ancestor Sparrow, how much could I sell this spear for?§ Xue Ying waved his hands, taking out a crimson-coloured spear. This was actually the Saint low-grade spear left behind by Elder Lei Zhen. Since it had no use for him, he might as well sell it to the Water Daoist Faction. Selling and buying weapons in one*s own organisation would be the most valuable course of action.


    An unseen fluctuation swept across the crimson spear.

    ※This Saint low-grade weapon, Haha, I*ll buy it for 50 kilograms of Origin Stones.§ Ancestor Sparrow said, ※It seems like you, little brat, encountered some fortunate opportunities. Including this spear into the transaction, you still have to cover the remaining twenty-eight kilograms of Origin Stones. Oh, every time one has a breakthrough into Transcendence, the Water Daoist Faction will provide 50 contribution points. Every contribution point can be exchanged for half a kilogramme of Origin Stones.§

    Xue Ying nodded. This was something he knew. Usually, any new Transcendents would use this gift of 50 contribution points to exchange for weapons or even secret techniques! But it was such a pittance that it could not be exchanged for any good products.

    ※I*ll just have to pay another three kilograms of Origin Stones, right?§ Xue Ying felt pleasant as he took out the required amount of Origin Stones before placing them upon the shelf.


    The stones and the crimson spear vanished in mid-air.


    As he walked out of the Weaponry Pavilion, Xue Ying was finally fully equipped in Transcendent treasures. The worst quality treasure he was wearing was the Transcendent top-grade Human  robe. The rest were all low-grade Saint and top-grade Saint.

    ※Comparing with other Transcendents of similar cultivation, I would say that I have a distinct advantage in armaments.§ Xue Ying smiled happily.

    ※Brother Dong Bo, it seems that your mood is quite pleasant.§ Gong Liang Yuan noted.

    ※I*ve let you wait for quite a while. My apologies.§ Xue Ying apologized.

    ※Choosing the right weapon is important, what is an hour or two for us Transcendents? Let*s go find you a suitable secret technique.§ Gong Liang Yuan replied.