1707 Grand Wedding 2

    "Yo, this fatty really knows how to speak." Luo Huan giggled.

    "Ouyang, have you ever imagined that there would be a day where the Southern Phoenix Matriarch personally received us?" Fatty mumbled, changing the topic.

    "Nope, I don't dare to." Ouyang Kuangsheng laughed as he shook his head. He was speaking the truth. In the past, he truly didn't dare to imagine such a thing. What status did the Southern Phoenix Matriarch have? Usually, she was a lofty figure far above their reach, the mistress of the Southern Phoenix Clan. Let alone personally receiving them, given their current cultivation bases, they wouldn't even be able to meet with her if it wasn't for today.

    In the past when they went to the Southern Phoenix Clan, they couldn't even enter it, let alone meeting the Southern Phoenix Matriarch.

    "This is what's called, 'the affairs of the world are strange and wondrous.' On my way here, I made many friends and when I said that Wentian was my boss, none of them believed me. Later when I go up the stage, I want to see how their eyes would fall out." Fan Le gave a shameless laugh. Luo Huan smiled and looked at him, "Damn fatty, you probably intentionally made these friends so you can boast later, right?"

    Fan Le smiled, "Senior sister is so intelligent. My plans were all seen through by you."

    "Just you and your little plans? That's only natural." Luo Huan spoke with disdain.

    The eyes of people of the Qin Manor and Mo Residence flickered brightly when they heard Fan Le's words. Mo Feng and Mo Yu involuntarily made their way over to Fan Le as they asked, "Brother, who is the Southern Phoenix Matriarch that you are talking about?"

    "You don't know?" Fan Le stared at Mo Feng and laughed, "She is the most beautiful maiden in the Southern Phoenix Clan, a goddess-level character, one of the most dazzling beauties in the immortal realms."

    "Ehˇ­" Mo Feng was dumbfounded. Both the Qin Manor and Mo Residence came from a particle world, they didn't know many things. They weren't like people from the immortal realms who were already familiar with the legend of Qin Wentian. When they came here, no one brought any of these legendary stories up to them. Qin Wentian naturally also wouldn't boast of his own achievements before them.

    "Really?" Mo Feng weakly asked.

    "Of course. Other than the Southern Phoenix Matriarch, there are many other powerful characters here as well. Look over there, that group of beautiful celestial maidens. You see them?" Fan Le started show off.

    "Mhm, we see them." Mo Feng and Mo Yu nodded.

    "Those are the celestial maidens from the Jadestage Immortal Palace. The one in the center is their palace mistress, you simply won't believe how beautiful she can be if she lifts her veil. She is truly the embodiment of the word 'perfect' and is also an unparalleled character in the immortal realms."

    "Also, over there. That group is from the Shooting Sun Immortal Empire, their crown prince and princess have both arrived. Do you see that group there? They are from the Darknorth Immortal Empire, that stern-looking middle-aged man with an air of imposingness is the Darknorth Immortal Emperor, the ruler of the Darknorth Immortal Empire. Also, look at those devil cultivators, they are all lofty characters from the Myriad Devil Islands and all of them have came here todayˇ­" Fan Le started to introduce the characters one by one. Mo Feng and Mo Yu were both already stunned, they even forgot to blink.

    Is this true? They are not dreaming, right? According to Fan Le, all these people were characters that stood at the peak of the immortal realms. All of them came here to attend their brother-in-law's wedding?

    When did it all seem so surreal?

    "Also, look at those people. You see them? Over there, that's right. Those who are outsideˇ­" Fan Le pointed to faraway. Mo Feng and Mo Yu turned their gazes over and saw quite a few extraordinary characters with imposing auras. These were clearly major characters of the immortal realms too but they didn't even have the qualifications to enter and could only watch from outside.

    "Do you know who they are?" Fan Le started to keep his listeners in suspense and purposely asked.

    "No idea." Mo Feng shook his head.

    "Hehe, let me tell you then. These people are all from the peak powers of the immortal realms. The Thunder God Hall, Snowdrift Sage Hall, Nibblesky Sacred Cult, etc. Also, those standing at the front are the respective sect leaders of each power, all of them are major characters that could cause the immortal realms to tremble, able to destroy a city with a wave of their hands, toppling mountains or oceans if they wished it. Are they powerful or not?" Fan Le spoke smugly. Naturally, it wasn't that he was exaggerating their abilities, these peak powers could truly do that.

    Those who knew about this all laughed when they heard that but nobody stopped Fan Le. Such major characters didn't even have the qualifications to enter but they were all seated within this core area. Naturally, there would be some glory in their hearts. It's just that none of them were as passionate as this fatty Fan Le.

    "Powerful." Mo Feng replied in a dumbstruck manner.

    "Do you feel glorious?" Fan Le shamelessly smiled. "So what even if they are powerful? Aren't they all standing outside? Now, you look at us again, we are the ones who can sit here."

    Fan Le crossed his arms before his chest and started laughing uproariously. Mo Feng and Mo Yu were both confused, the people of the Qin Manor and Mo Residence also felt confused. They were thinking whether if this fatty was boasting to them by over exaggerating the abilities of these people standing outside. Why did his words feel so unreal? If things were really as he said,what status did Qin Wentian have exactly to make lofty characters like this stand outside, not permitting them to enter?

    Could it be because Qing`er's father, the Evergreen Immortal Emperor was extremely powerful? They weren't very clear about that but they felt that it was still possible. After all, the ruler of an immortal empire naturally had great authority.

    "Where's elder sis?" Mo Yu suddenly asked. She wanted to verify the facts of what they heard with Mo Qingcheng.

    "Brother-in-law brought us here but naturally, it isn't just for us to attend his wedding." Mo Feng had a meaningful smile on his face. Mo Yu blinked, after a moment, she also laughed. She hoped that she would also be able to witness the glory of their elder sister. Only then would this magnificent scene be truly perfect.

    At the side, Mo Qingcheng's master the Medicine Sovereign had also been invited. A smile appeared on his face when he heard their conversation.

    "Junior apprentice brother Qin is truly an unrivalled character in the world." Lin Shuai, who was also by the side, sighed in admiration. Right now, everyone in the immortal realms knew who Qin Wentian was.

    "Mhm." Ye Lingshuang smiled and nodded. For some reason, she felt a wave of emotions stirring her heart and suddenly felt like crying. She didn't know how to express her feelings in her heart.

    Behind Qin Chuan, Qin Yao who was standing there was already crying. She believed Fan Le's words. Although this fatty always loved to boast, he wouldn't really lie. In addition, according to everything she has seen so far, it seemed to be real.

    Right now, her younger brother. The younger brother that had grew up with her and played together with her in their childhood, was now already standing stably at the very peak of the immortal realms. For his wedding, people of the entire world rushed here to attend it. Was this really only because of Qing`er's father? She didn't believe it. If that was the case, how would them who was from the particle world have any status at all? Also, a matriarch-level character was personally in-charge of welcoming them. What preferential treatment was this?

    If the reason was really because of Qing`er's father, the Southern Phoenix Matriarch at most would only be one of the valuable guests. She wouldn't do all this.

    At this very moment, the Southern Phoenix Matriarch walked up the stage. She had a dazzling smile on her face, exuding boundless magnificence. Today, she who was the Southern Phoenix Matriarch, was delegated a supporting role to play. She was the host of this grand wedding.

    "The Southern Phoenix Matriarch is the host." The endless crowd all felt immense shock in their hearts when they saw this. Was this the grand wedding of the Heaven Empyrean? The Southern Phoenix Matriarch was even willing to be the host. No other couples would have such a privilege.

    "Play the music." The Southern Phoenix Matriarch softly spoke. In an instant, as the sound of her voice faded, a loud and clear music resonated through the world. After that, rainbow light flashed as numerous Blue Luans appeared. The voices of these creatures were the most beautiful music in the world, mired in melody.

    "The joint cries of Luans and Phoenixes." Countless people stared at the scene, all of them stunned. Was there any other music suitable for the grand wedding of the Heaven Empyrean?

    And at this moment, the rainbow light in the air flared even brighter. The dome of the heavens seemed to break apart as a saint beast, Kirin, soared through the air, causing the color of the sky to change. Divine dragons danced about, there were even divine turtles that appeared. For a period of time, countless auspicious saint creatures filled the air. All of them turned their heads towards the sky, as though waiting for something. Amidst the radiance, Qin Wentian stood on the back of a great roc as he flew through the skies. That great roc was naturally something Little Rascal transformed into.

    This scene was extremely resplendent, causing the world to lose its color. He appeared in the most perfect manner, descending through the air to the Evergreen Immortal Empire, preparing to wed his wife. He said before that he would give Qing`er a supremely grand wedding whose magnificence would last through the ages!

    At this instant, it was unknown how many young females fell. They were all enraptured as they stared at that magnificent figure!

    The Heaven Empyrean Qin Wentian, he was the groom today!