775 Teaching Lear to be a Person

    Wang Zheng laughed. "Fine, we can fight. If you win, I'll do as you say whether it is withdrawing from the Academy or disbanding the team. But if you lose, I'm also not going to make things difficult for you. You just have to do one thing."

    Hu Kan's goal was to force Wang Zheng to make a move. Actually in his heart, he had other purposes. That was to defeat Wang Zheng. This way he could regain the glory he had in the past.

    The opponents he could choose were not many. He could not fight Lear. He also could not fight Olivios. After all, Arbiters were not that good to offend. There was no need to fight Pampas. Thinking here and there, there was only Wang Zheng left. An Earthling, even if he beat him up, there would not be any repercussions.

    "Whatever, as long as you can defeat me, I Hu Kan, will do as I promised." Hu Kan said.

    Wang Zheng smiled. "Everyone saw it. Ok, mecha or anyˇ­ "

    "Don't use all these fancy stuff, we will battle directly!" Hu Kan said.

    He did not intend to have a mecha battle. Very obviously, Wang Zheng's mecha battle ability was already quite famous in the Academy. He was definitely one of the strongest and it was not advantageous for heavy armor mecha to have a one-on-one duel, even if they were of the same Grade, the one attacking would always be stronger than the one defending. But if it were a physical battle, then that would be another matter.

    Hu Kan was quite confident in his physique.

    "F**k, he really takes every advantage." Zhang Shan pouted. "I said it, how did you get so courageous."

    Ai Xiaolu waved her fists. "Wang Zheng defeat him, I will give you whatever you want!"

    Wang Zheng started sweating. "Senior, don't scare me like that. I'll lose."

    "Tch, am I a tiger?!"

    Takumi and the others looked at each other but all had no other way. They could not control anything. They really did not know what provoked Hu Kan. Not to mention physical fighting ability, just based on the state of mind, Hu Kan was already on the losing end. Wang Zheng was calm and Hu Kan was already a little too anxious for success.

    The training grounds were already there. Hu Kan threw his jacket aside, exposing solid muscles. It was not the type that was just for show. These were really muscles that were like steel.

    This body, this physique, it was indeed something that could only be achieved with hard work. This was also to do with the Martial Deity Star's environment. It was a little stronger and fiercer than Big Bear Star.

    Lear was waiting for news. Everything was within his calculations.

    "Boss, this Hu Kan is unlikely to be Wang Zheng's match. If he loses, I'm afraid there would be problems." Luo Fei said.

    Lear smiled slightly. "I did not say that he has to win. This person is still quite influential in the Black Tortoise Region. The team seems to treat him more like the leader, so I need him to be more humble."

    Luo Fei's eyes brightened. "Boss you are smart. If he loses one more time, most likely he will become truly honest. At that time, he will listen to orders."

    Luo Fei also knew, even though he was only the assistant team leader, Hu Kan was actually a little too full of himself in the battle team. He did not know at all how to respect Lear. Even more, he treated Lear like a small brother. This did not help to build Lear's authority. But Lear's situation did not allow him to use Hu Kan to establish his authority. So, he could only use another way."

    Lear laughed. "Well, in case Wang Zheng is too bored, we give him something to do. At the same time, he will help me to solve this difficult problem. Two results with one move."

    Luo Fei at a side quickly handed in his praises. Boss was great and smart, knowing how to win without making a move.

    Because Lear had from the start felt unhappy, especially after getting beaten by Li Zhilong. This Hu Kan was not weak, especially in his physical fighting abilities. Even if Wang Zheng wanted to win, it would not be easy. In case he accidentally lost, or suffered some injury, Lear would be very happy. He did not know why but he would be happy.

    The other people were outside. Hu Kan took one look at Wang Zheng and instantly, with a leap he kicked towards him. He was very big in size but his movements were swift and fierce. This aura was indeed the same as a fierce tiger coming out of the mountain, like he wanted to tear Wang Zheng apart.


    The two people met. Wang Zheng blocked with his body, Hu Kan did not even turn back his head and suddenly rotated and swung out his arm, with a force akin to sweeping through a thousand soldiers.


    Wang Zheng was hit and was again pushed away by three steps. Hu Kan jumped up like a fierce beast and directly punched towards Wang Zheng's head. If this hit, Wang Zheng could be hospitalized.


    Hu Kan was kicked away. He retreated unsteadily. Wang Zheng dealt a blow, a 180 degrees kick and directly kicked Hu Kan away again. He slowly withdrew his right leg and drew an arc in the air.

    Wang Zheng smiled. "Hu Kan, do you know why Lear encouraged you to look for me?"

    "It's none of other people's business. I just want to educate you."

    "Haha, is that so, then I want to see how you are going to educate me."

    As he finished his statement, Wang Zheng rushed towards Hu Kan with swift steps. It was as though Hu Kan's suppressive aura had absolutely no influence on his rhythm. Hu Kan's ability X exploded, impressive Grand Earth's power. This was the true strength, at least Takumi who had the same attribute could feel that this power made people feel short of breath. Using ability X in this type of physical battle was much more dangerous than in mecha. After all, the body was not steel and Hu Kan was a B rank ability X user. He also did not withhold himself. This was not the rhythm of a friendly duel.

    But Wang Zheng on the other hand easily evaded his opponent's attack. The wind attribute ability X was used very naturally. This was a difference in Grades suppression. The strength of the ability X of an Earth Grade expert might not be that high but when it came to usage and control of exertion, they were way beyond their opponent's. Usually, Hu Kan's domineering strength could control the rhythm, and completely suppress his opponent, but Wang Zheng did not care at all and easily evaded the attacks continuously. Turning, he kicked Hu Kan again and made him trip.

    Hu Kan roared and rushed over. This type of attack was like a tickle. It would not create any damage at all. But after his fierce attacks missed continuously, Wang Zheng was like playing with crickets, he teased Hu Kan continuously. Hu Kan's strength continuously exploded and he obviously had the power to crush his opponent but he missed every time and was still kicked here and there by Wang Zheng.

    Zhang Shan and the others were watching for fun at first but soon they realized that it was not just that. Wang Zheng was demonstrating to them how to control the rhythm in battles. You must not follow the route set by the opponent but use ways to bring the opponent into your own rhythm. There would always be a way, even for opponents like Hu Kan.

    The Earth element ability X and wind element ability X did not clash. Both parties would want to gain the upper hand. The wind element ability X did not suppress the other party but Hu Kan was unhappy. His advantageous power actually could not hit Wang Zheng and was still continuously retaliated against. But he believed that Wang Zheng could not possibly keep jumping here and there and would have a moment where he missed a step. Once he did, he would kill him.

    As expected, after a few rounds of fierce battle, Wang Zheng's one evasion was suddenly slower by a beat. Hu Kan's eyes flashed and directly threw a power-packed punch towards Wang Zheng. There was nothing fancy, this was the most effective, most direct attack. He believed that this punch could at least break a few of Wang Zheng's bones.

    But with this seemingly weakness, Wang Zheng suddenly moved and was suddenly beyond his attacking range. He was still smiling and even turned back to look at Zhang Shan and the others who were outside.

    Especially Takumi, even a heavy armor warrior needed some brains. If not he would die very quickly on the battlefield.

    Hu Kan could not hold back a roar. "Wang Zheng are you a man, I dare you to fight me head on!"

    Wang Zheng laughed. "Hu Kan, you are so childish, how did you enter the Elite Academy?"

    Hu Kan was already at the verge of exploding but he suddenly took a deep breath and actually forced his anger back. This on the other hand was beyond Wang Zheng's expectation. He finally did have some reasoning left.

    The Hu Kan who calmed down slowly expanded his aura and took note of Wang Zheng's movements. There would never be eternal evasion.

    Wang Zheng laughed and made a confrontational posture. This time it was no longer the power of wind. The Primordial Regression Technique was activated. It was not that Wang Zheng was unwilling to combat, but he could not waste teaching materials that appeared by itself.

    Hu Kan took a deep breath and stepped out. The ground exploded and his body pulled out like an arrow. He locked onto Wang Zheng and his aura attempted to suppress Wang Zheng. Even if Wang Zheng wanted to evade, he would be blocked. He was ready to attack and not anxious to punch.

    But this time, Wang Zheng had no intention of hiding. Hu Kan's whole attacking route was getting slower and slower in Wang Zheng's view. He could see it very clearly, including the flow of air.

    Was this the Earth Grade?

    Wang Zheng was not sure but this type of feeling was really amazing.


    This was a head-on clash without anything fancy. There actually was an energy wave spreading. The training grounds seemed to have shaken a little.

    Kuang dangˇ­

    Hu Kan flew out and crushed a table as he landed. He still rolled a few more rounds.

    Wang Zheng was also speechless. Physical techniques was his most adept subject and he actually wanted a physical fight with him. He was really speechless.

    Hu Kan was struggling and wanted to get up. His whole body was sore and painful. He could not lift up his arm at all.

    Wang Zheng walked over and laughed. "Hu Kan, do you stand by your words?"

    Hu Kan ground his teeth and struggled to stand. However, he could not stand no matter what. Wang Zheng's move was quite vicious. The power of Primordial Regression Technique had been totally exerted. It looked like one attack but it was enough to disintegrate his opponent. There was no way of withstanding this type of hidden strength without a cultivation technique.

    Hu Kan gave up dejectedly. "You say it."

    Wang Zheng waved his hands. "Hehe, winning and losing are all common matters of soldiers. Besides, we are classmates. If you withdraw from school just because you lose, then the school can shut down. You only need to do one thing. In a while, go over to Lear, remember, it must be when there are many people."

    "To do what?"

    "Face your butt towards him and shout loudly 10 times, Lear is an idiot."

    Wang Zheng smiled brightly. Zhang Shan had already walked over from the side. "Hu Kan, if you don't keep to your end of the deal, I guarantee that the whole Academy will know that you are not a man."

    Zhang Shan grinned lasciviously. Compared to becoming a joke of the whole Academy, Hu Kan did not have much choice.

    To Hu Kan, actually this choice was easy to make. If it were someone who was proud, or with some brains, they would not do such a thing. Besides, Hu Kan had his own reasons.

    He was looking for a reason for himself. The whole thing was orchestrated by Lear. He even hinted that Wang Zheng's physical techniques were lacking. In the end?

    This d*mn Lear, in an instant, this smiling tiger's schemes, and his fake act were all exposed.

    Lear had already gathered the team members. Many were students from the Black Tortoise Region. He wanted to use the battle team as the core and at the same time, discover unique talents. Even if it were support abilities, these were all crucial. If he wanted to achieve big things, then he need not do everything personally, but know how to use people effectively.

    At this moment, Hu Kan walked in. A smile appeared on Lear's face. He had already prepared early on what to say. On one hand was to let Hu Kan lose all his aura in front of people and on the other was to rouse anger for a common enemy.

    Just as Lear was prepared to present his own "speech", Hu Kan suddenly faced his butt towards him. Closely followed was something that made everyone shocked, because Hu Kan took off his pants.

    "Lear is an idiotˇ­ Lear is an idiotˇ­ Lear is an idiotˇ­ "

    A loud clear voice like a bell sounded through the whole training groundsˇ­ Lear's face was as black as soil. The little kids watching were all very shocked tooˇ­.