1356 Infuriated Suo Anshan

    Such a powerful force, Ye Mo was shook. He just realized that Suo Anshan didn't even use half his power last time.

    "rat, if I still let you escape from me today, I'm not Suo Anshan." Suo Anshan said word by word as his force kept increasing. A cultivation essence forcefield whirlpool formed around him. It was as though being swooped in would result in defeat.

    A dark snake like figure rose up next to him that grew larger and larger as it circulated around him.

    Ye Mo released octagonal cauldron without hesitation.

    Seeing this, Suo Anshan was surprised and said "great, great, you robbed quite some good things indeed. Not only do you have blue mist lotus heart fire but also this extreme grade defense magic artefact. It's not a waste for me to hunt you personally for a month."

    Ye Mo was at a loss for words, Suo Anshan was right, he really did rob the octagonal cauldron.

    "hahah¡­." Just when Suo Anshan was about to attack a laughter sounded "city lord Suo, who made you so angry?"

    "it's you? Shi Taa?" Suo Anshan stopped and looked coldly at him "since when did vice city lord Shi have the courage to laugh in front of me. did your balls get bigger after your daughter died?"

    Shi Taa said calmly "I have no daughter but I heard city lord Suo's daughter was killed so I came to help."

    Suo Anshan sneered "vice city lord Shi, such a big heart, you don't even want your daughter."

    Shi Taa said calmly "ever since I began cultivation I severed off my genitals. How can I have a daughter? I didn't lie to you, I don't have a daughter."

    "hmph." Suo Anshan sneered "then Shi Yuchuan isn't your daughter¡­"

    Suo Anshan's face suddenly changed and he pointed at Shi Taa saying shakily "you're saying, you, you're saying¡­. Shi Yuchuan is my¡­."

    Shi Taa laughed "Shi Yuchuan's last name is Shi but there's so many people in the world with that surname just like Suo. This isn't strange, why does she have to be my daughter? If she changes to Suo Yuchuan then wouldn't she be city lord Suo's daughter? I also heard that princess CHuan sleeps with young master Suo every night."

    Suo Anshan could no longer resist the horror and fury in his heart. He splat blood on the spat and his power roared "I'm going to eat you alive, Yang Feijing."

    The person he hated the most now wasn't Ye Mo but this vice city lord Shi.

    Shi Taa threw out a few formation flags and smiled "city lord Suo still remembers my name, I'm quite honored¡­"

    Before Suo Anshan could even expand his domain, a truth realisation state cultivator suddenly pulled out a 15 cultivation method black sword. But it flew towards Suo Anshan. This was the truth realisation state cultivator Suo Anshan kept to help stop Ye Mo.

    The other truth realisation state cultivator dazed. He clearly didn't expect his pal would ambush city lord Suo. Before he could react, the black sword had pierced Suo Anshan's armor injuring him.

    Suo Anshan yelled and grabbed behind him. That truth realisation state cultivator couldn't even resist and was grabbed at the head by Suo Anshan. He spat multiple streams of blood and evne his essence spirit was crushed by the furious Suo Anshan.

    Suo Anshan threw and that body turned into a bloody mist.

    Suo Anshan's eyes were red and said coldly to the other cultivator "Huo Cong, Wu Tian ambushed me just then, did you want to ambush me too, speak."

    The other truth realisation state peak stage cultivator said with a pale face "city lord, I've been with him the whole time but I've never wanted to ambush city lord. I swear, if I want to ambush¡­"

    Cold beam shot out of Suo Anshan's eyes "I only trust dead people¡­"

    Then, the black snake materialized forming a ten meter long black snake. It ate the other truth realisation state without hesitation.