569 Thought of as a Fraud
     Chapter 569: Thought of as a Fraud

    Translator: Timothy  Editor: GlobeGlotter

    Ye Mo sent his spirit sense out and soon found his spirit sense mark.

    Meng Jiushan looked at Ye Mo strangely and thought, 'This woman wants to swap seats with me because she wants me to look at her fortune. What has that got to do with you being a doctor?'

    That wealthy lady looked at Ye Mo in shock, however, and thought about what that meant. Did he-?

    Ye Mo's spirit sense stayed focused on his spirit sense mark as he smiled to the woman and said, "I said I'm a doctor, because I can help you with your condition. Perhaps you don't need Master Meng Jiushan for your condition."

    "You know I'm sick? And you can help me??" The woman looked at Ye Mo in shock.

    Ye Mo nodded, "That's right, I can tell you're sick, and I especially treat those hard and rare diseases. I can cure what others can't."

    Although Ye Mo was telling the truth, to others, it sounded very arrogant. A young man in his 20s dared say he can cure what others can't!

    Even Meng Jiushan felt like Ye Mo's words were a bluff. He knew that there were people stronger than him, but this young man was uttering truly big words. He liked humble young people as he was very humble himself.

    So as soon as Ye Mo said this, his opinion of Ye Mo lowered.

    "Mom, I told you not to believe these people, yet you still don't listen. Sit down for now." That young woman dragged the wealthy lady back down on top of her seat.

    Then, the young woman looked coldly at Ye Mo and said, "You can trick other people, but don't don't try to trick my mom. If you try one more time, I will call the police."

    Ye Mo felt his chin subconsciously and was speechless. He saw that the woman was really desperate, and so he decided to helpn but now he was thought of as a fraud.

    The woman continued, "My mom has visited a lot of countries for her condition, and not a single hospital was able to give a full-proof method, yet you just looked at her and you say you can cure her. Do you think you're an immortal or something? You might look a bit handsome, but apparently you're someone who does such dirty deeds. Don't joke about other people's condition - karma will strike you!"

    She had gone with her mother for checkups to even the US, but what they found out was that it would be very hard for her to undergo surgery at that moment, so she had to come back to rest up first.

    Ye Mo wasn't feeling too happy. He clearly had good intentions. 'It's fine if you don't believe me, but there was no need to say that much.'

    "Hm, if I say that one charm I draw can instantly cure a person who has been in a vegetable-like state for many years, would you believe me? If I say that your stomach will hurt for two hours after we arrive, will you believe me?" Ye Mo retorted.

    Ye Mo's spirit sense and observation was very strong, and he could see everything clearly.

    The forehead between her eyebrows was a little faint due to being cold, and the tip of her tongue was also a bit white with a faint slab of green. Ye Mo was sure that she had some light food poisoning and had stayed in the cold for too long, so she would have stomach pain for about two hours for sure.

    It wouldn't be anything grave, though. After two hours, her own immune system would cure it.

    "You will get stomach pain when we arrive, you!" the woman retorted.

    Ye Mo was speechless and shook his head, not wanting to talk anymore.

    Meng Jiushan did think that Ye Mo had spoken like that with reason, so he also shook his head when the girl retorted.

    The woman pulled the girl back.

    But then, the girl turned to the woman and said again, "Mom, don't believe that fortune teller - what 'Master Meng Jiushan'? He's obviously in cahoots with that young man, trying to trick you together. They must've tricked countless people!"

    "ThatĄ­ probably isn't right. How could they have known that we're looking for Master Meng Jiushan. Also, I have the feeling that that young man is rather honest, and he did know that I'm sick," the woman said hesitantly.

    The young girl persuaded again, "Mom, do you trust me or do you trust strangers? Have you ever seen Master Meng Jiushan? Even if that man is Meng Jiushan, so what? How can we believe something like that? Besides, it's easy to tell that you're not well from your complexion, even I can do that much, so others can too, right? Furthermore, liars like this excel at stuff like that. He's even saying that my stomach is going to hurt tonight, so why don't we wait and see whether it will hurt!"

    Ye Mo and Meng Jiushan both heard this but didn't mind.

    "Xiao Yin, don't talk about others like that," the middle-aged woman reproached her daughter.

    The young girl sneered, "Mom, he even said that his charms can save vegetable-like people, do you believe that too?"

    The woman sighed and said no more. In her heart, she believed it, because according to her, magical masters like that did exist.

    Meanwhile, ever since Ye Mo said that he was a doctor and that he could cure what others could not, that he needed only one charm to save someone in a vegetable-like state, Meng Jiushan didn't want to talk to him anymore. He even suspected that that gun might have belonged to Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo could guess what the Master was thinking, but as his spirit sense was still on the gun, he had actually found out the identity of the owner of the gun. It was a young man not much older than him.

    Although he knew the young man, it's not like he had any connection to him. They had just been in the same class at Ning Hai, and this student had actually been the lowest in the class, and he rarely spoke. Ye Mo didn't have a bad impression of him, though, because he was one of the few people who didn't jeer at him for getting kicked out of the Ye family. Ye Mo remembered his name was Luo Dongsheng.

    Luo Dongsheng was sitting on his seat without moving.

    Ye Mo couldn't be bothered with what he was going to do. This Luo Shengdong didn't seem like someone who would hijack a plane or anything, unless he had gone mad. No matter what, the gun was already damaged.

    Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned the resting room of the flight attendants, where he saw a tall, skinny flight attendant rip the cloth from the trolley. Ye Mo immediately knew that th9se two had to be working together. The stewardess who had given Ye Mo juice might've taken the wrong trolley before.

    A few hours later, it was time for food, and the flight attendants gave boxed meals to the passengers.

    "Remember to call me," The flight attendant who had given Ye Mo the juice passed over a pink card with her number on it as she gave Ye Mo his boxed meal.

    Ye Mo took the card speechlessly and nodded.

    In the meantime many people went to use the bathroom, and Ye Mo saw Lu Dongsheng glance at a fat merchant as he clenched his fist. Ye Mo immediately knew that was the person Luo Dongsheng wanted to kill.

    What Ye Mo didn't understand was why he would do it on the plane. There would be a much greater chance of him getting exposed, and it would quite hard to succeed.

    After most people finished using the bathroom, Ye Mo noticed that fat merchant also leave his seat. Luo Dongsheng immediately followed.

    Ye Mo thought for a bit and also followed.

    Seeing this, Meng Jiushan stared at him and at Luo Dongsheng's back and frowned.